How to be Successful in Life & Business- Top Tips & Advices from Ratan Naval Tata

Ratan is a Mumbai based Indian business tycoon, investor, philanthropist and former Chairman of Tata Group. Born on December 28, 1937. He is one of the biggest brand ambassador for India in business and charitable causes. He began his career in the Tata Group in 1961. He was instrumental in the development of many first time ventures in India, including Tata Nano, widely known as the world’s cheapest passenger car.

He retired from all executive responsibilities in the Tata Group in 2012 by giving succession to Cyrus Mistry. He is still active with his charitable work and investing in leading Indian e-commerce startups. He is serving on the jury panel of Pritzker Architecture Prize-Considered to be one of the world’s premier architecture prizes.

Who Is It For:

This inspirational compilation is for everyone looking to be successful in life, career and business. If you are looking for business opportunities and in search of; how to start, when to start and from where to start? This is your ultimate guide of how to be rich and successful businessman in emerging economies. For further motivation and self help, we recommend his book based on Tata Group Success Story ‘The Wit & Wisdom of Ratan Tata.

This is your list of to dos; if you want to found your own startup in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri lanka:

1. Be Humble

“Let humility be your best defense.” That is Ratan advice to India’s dreamers and future leaders. Don’t rush into things and don’t believe on self claim hero ship. Stay humble with your work and achievements. Let your accomplishments speak for you. Because self claim knights mostly get distracted with their stories; this will hinder your performance and efficiencies.

2. Be Yourself

Have confidence on your believe system and act with full responsibility. Have inspirations but don’t try to be like someone else. This undue followership can kill your own abilities. Trust your abilities and let your conscious drive you.

3. Be Trustable

Build your own value and ethical proposition and start to disseminate those values top down. Being trustable is the most important selling point for any business. It seems superstitious to run a business without ethical believe system. Take care of your stakeholders from within organization to end consumers of your products by building their trust as honorable, trustworthy, true, sincere and ethical leader.

4. Have Heroes

Have your role models. Because your inspirations decide what you are going to become. He inspired by the character and aura of John F. Kennedy, the former US President.

5. Show Perseverance

Life will be full of surprises for you. Mostly, You won’t get what you want. Don’t take those times as your failure or miss opportunity. Rather have a strong courage to stay, rather than to leave.

6. Take Chances

Have believe on your ideas and take chances to realize those dreams. All the big incorporations and today’s giants once started very small. But their founders took their chance led by their future headed vision. Therefore for success; size, wealth and start doesn’t matter. The only things count is your vision, passion and your ability to take risks.

7. Make Difference

Try to live out of the box. Try to step out of self fulfilling routine and live for purpose. Your purpose can be to make small tiny difference towards society betterment. Your small gestures and initiatives can create massive change. Believe it to your core that you very well can make a difference if you so desire.

8. Be Motivated by Your Competition

Take competition as driver for innovation, development and grooming. Because competition breaks monotony, it enhances capabilities, it produces unique solutions and ultimately it benefit economy and public at large. See competition as a driving leading factor, not the restraining one. Develop culture of brain storming and dig deep to find innovative leading solutions. This will give you market competitive edge to lead any customer driven economy.

9. Do What Can’t Be Done

Take motivation from all the no you are having in your life. Ratan took pride on his car production decision in India. Mind it, every no is a motivation and a direction sign to go. Such improbable and impossible achievements, will give you utmost sense of pride and exhilaration.

10. Communicate With Your Employees

Being top executive doesn’t mean to build high end office with difficult access to middle or lower rank employees. To be a successful figure, it is fore most important to adopt open door policy and create interactive flat communication system. Not only this will increase information circulation speed, but also will make things more transparent at every level of organization.

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