Top 5 Biggest Smartphone Brands

Competition in smartphone industry getting tougher and tougher, despite forecast of decline in growth due to pandemic, demand for lower end phones increase exponentially. Once smart phone battle dominated by Samsung & Apple, now widened and dominated by more Chinese brands with the likes of Xiomi, Vivo & huawei. This rivalry is also spiced up by 5G, new arrival of Iphone 12 & distance learning demand.

This list topped by 3 Chinese companies, 1 South Korean & 1 American company. Which shows Chinese dominance in smart phone consumer market. As to demand India appeared to be the 2nd largest market after China, mainly due to higher demand in lower end cellphones. More developed markets saw declining trend due to 5G developments & Iphone 12 arrival expectancy.

Here is the latest list of top 5 highest units selling cellphone brands in 2020, based on 9 months (3 quarters), as per data of International Data Corporation (IDC):


Samsung Note 20 series, highest grossing smartphone for Samsung in 2020

With no surprise South Korean brand is the leading smartphone supplier with shipment of 80.4 million (8 Karor, 4 Lakh) units and total market share (TMS, hereafter) of 22.7%. Inspite of Covid-19 worldwide economical hit, Samsung showed stable trend from previous year with 2.9% upward trend.


P30: Highest selling product by Huawei in 3Q of 2020

With shipment of 51.9 million (5 Karor, 19 Lakh) units & TMS of 14.7%, this Chinese giant giving tougher competition to American brands, worldwide. Among all brands in top five, huawei is facing highest downward trend with 22% negative growth as to previous year.


Note 9 series: Highest grossing with Note 8 series by Redmi

Another emerging Chinese tech provider, tightening gap with huawei by 1st time inclusion in top 3, and surpassing handsomely American pride Apple, has sold 46.5 million (4 karor, 65 lakh) units, with TMS of 13.1%. As to upward performance, Xiomi is the winner of all by showing highest year over year percentage of 42%, which can soon lead its position to 2nd spot.


Biggest news in 2020 for Apply lovers; Iphone 12. Iphone 11 is selling unit

Apple with the tag of one of the biggest and 1st 2 trillion dollars company, carry their brand value since the launch of their 1st Iphone model, but facing downward trend. Apple shipped worldwide 41.6 million (4 karor, 16 lakh) units, with TMS of 11.8%. Apple is the 2nd most downgrading brand in the list with negative 10.6% growth as to last year.


X Series is the bright child of Vivo for 9 months sale in 2020

Another Chinese company with TMS of 8.9%, sold 31.5 million (3 karor, 15 lakh) units, all over the world. After MI, Vivo showed positive outlook from previous year with 4.2% growth in increased sale.

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