Government Departments Utility Mobile Apps For Citizens of Punjab

List of Useful Apps for Citizens of Punjab:

Punjab is the biggest province of Pakistan with the population over 110 million. Naturally, this requires extensive facilities and more usage of resources. As far as, IT led revolution is concerned; Punjab lead the way in close competition with KPK. Punjab Information Technology Board is a pivotal force behind all this spectacular work.

Disclaimer & Notes: This list is not an exclusive list and no preference order was observed during compilation of those useful apps for Citizens of Punjab, Pakistan. Also, these apps are not exclusive list of PITB creation, rather it has other smaller apps from different cities of Punjab or different departments of Punjab created by different Non-Government & Government Organization.

1. E-Khidmat Marakaz

E Khimdat Marakaz were established to provide consolidated services under one roof. These centres are the collection of twenty necessary and utility service providers under one roof. All centres are well managed and operating very much gracefully than other Government departments and bodies. Inspite of all this, their app is just of informative nature. All the documentation are filings have to be submitted manually.

Their app is available for all kind of devices and for IOS & Android. This App has cumulative rating of 3.7 on Google App Store with mix reviews about functionality and usefulness.

2. Qeemat Punjab

This is an informative & complained app for the dissemination of right & updated information regarding regulated prices of daily necessities and utility items, specially relevant for Government regulated prices of vegetables, fruits & essential commodities. Any citizen can make account and report any discrepancy alongwith geo tag positioning of corrupt market. Relevant DCs & Price Control Magistrates are the relevant key authorities for resolution and monitoring of complains and information circulation.

This app has Google Play Store Rating of 4 with mostly favorable reviews and satisfactory experience. This app is continuously evolving with introduction of more and more items. Recently, In lieu of special price regulated markets such as Ramadan Bazars; a new section for relevant updates were also introduced in recent Holy Month of Ramadan.

3. E-learn App

This is an educational app along with web portal, which termed as official store or biggest data bank of all the digitized versions of books falls under National Curriculum for upto higher secondary education. This helping data base collaboratively designed by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board (PCTB) and School Education Department (SED). Significance of this particular app/portal enhanced immensely, specially during Covid-19 Lockdowns. This portal cum app has thousands of video lectures, soft form downloadable books, quiz, teacher guides, animations and simulations for conceptual clarity and comprehensive preparation.

Portal also have a very informative and insightful section about statistics. Which shows hour by hour, day by day, month by month, year by year; visitors unique visitors, number of pages visited and many other things. That clearly shows a positive trend in e-education and e-learning in the resident of Punjab, Pakistan. This app has rating of 3.4 on Google App Store, with very mixed reviews about performance and glitches. As app sometime may face crash, held or other performance issues. Yet due to availability of big, easy and free data for under privileged students, this is one of the most useful app.

4. Tigers Force

During lockdown in 2020 in lieu of Corona Pandemic; on the recommendation of Federal Government of Pakistan, this app was developed for volunteer registrations. The goal of this app to register youth for biggest volunteer work, mainly focused for poor people hurt by lockdown and unemployment during Covid-19 lockdown. Volunteer work was described mainly for hunting of deserving people, listing of such people and then distribution of Government aids and day to day necessities.

Inpsite of mostly bad reviews and comments about bad user experience, it has Google rating of 3.5.

5. Punjab Wifi

That was a very helpful initiative taken by Punjab Government with easy and free access to internet, for empowerment of people with free digital world. Free wifi was provided on popular spots of Punjab. This app helps people to identify near available free WIFI spot.

This app has decreasing trend with the abomination of service by new Government. It has declining rating of 2.6 on Google App Store.

6. AMIS Punjab

Agriculture Management Information System for regulations & dissemination of pricing of commodities in markets of different cities.

7. SIS Punjab

This app is specific in it’s need. School Information System enable educators to track, trace progress, transfer, attendance & other like matters.

8. E-Gadget

This is particularly helpful while buying second hand mobile phones. User can check & verify IMEI of any mobile device, to check whether it is snatched or not. Specially, recommended when user want to buy used smartphones. Use this app to check status of IMEI of any gadget under consideration.

9. Taleem Ghar

The Taleem Ghar project is a collaboration between School Education Department (SED), Punjab Government, its Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU), and the Punjab IT Board (PITB).
It aims to make available localized and engaging multimedia lessons online, for public school students – via Cable TV, a Smartphone App, and this website.

10. Punjab Police Khidmat ( Service) App

This application provides detailed information like fees, office locations, required documents, online booking etc, about 14 services offered by Punjab Police to the citizens at Police Khidmat Markaz (offices) recently established across Punjab.

11. HED Punjab

Same like SIS App. This app helps teachers of Public colleges across Punjab. They can apply for transfer, track their application and get their transfer orders. Applicable transfer rules document is also available for teachers.

12. MSIS Punjab

Another specific purpose education report app. Madrassa School Information System App is used by Madrassas of Punjab, Pakistan, to self-report data in real-time.

13. Fankar

Purposed to help provide financial assistance to artists & actors from past. Allows Artist to make profile and apply for financial support from Punjab Government.

14. Digital PLRA

Digital-PLRA is a revolutionary step forward to digitalize old & redundant patwar system for property verification, transfer & fraud protection. This app automated of all types of registries manually maintained registration data being executed at sub-registrar Office. The purpose of this project is to eliminate the chances of any expected frauds, any malady practices during the registration process and bring in speed, efficiency, consistency and corruption free facility. The integrated process is a very positive enhancement of the ARC. The deeds registry integrated operations ensure the records of both systems are in sync along with the security of the transactions on the basis of reliable data.

15. Qaumi Sehat Card (QSC)

After success in KPK, PTI Government launch this unprecedented facility for the citizen of Punjab. With this every citizen become eligible for mandatory annual health insurance coverage. Which is applicable on every family. This app listed all the hospitals providing such facility & list of treatments offered. User can check it’s eligibility status as family head or as family member on app too.

16. Punjab Baldia

Baldia app is centrally controlled app by Punjab. Which enables mainly four types resolutions at convenience of some click & submissions; Including entrance of new born credentials, death certificates, marriage & divorce registration. This app help to connect to local body for timely delivery of relevant registrations & certificates thereof.

17. Punjab Tourism

Punjab is known for religious places, mountain areas, fertile lands & deserts of South parts. Punjab Tourism app is an initiative of Punjab Tourism Department to help tourists to visit historical places of Punjab with complete information, maps & rightful help. It also provide helpful recommendation by providing facilities available against every siting place.

18. E-pay Punjab

A highly successful app as far as utility & functionality is concern. Missioned by Punjab Finance Department & Developed by PITB. This app helps to pay almost all the taxes & levies of Punjab Government in Pakistan. This app provide P2G (Person to Government) to B2G (Business to Government) payment facilities. User can attach his or her bank accounts for load & direct departmental payments.

19. Ombudsman Punjab

OPMIS is an app from Muhtasib Punjab, same like Wafaqi Muhtasab Pakistan. This app helps to sure transparency on every department under Punjab Government. Now user can track any complain or report, applicable on all 36 regional districts of Punjab within 7 days of application.

20. Lahore High Court

A helpful disclosure & tracking app for the help of advocates & litigants, promulgated by Lahore High Court. Now an average citizen can have a direct tracking access to his or her case. This app also provides helpful information regarding cause lists, case lists etc.

21. PSCA-Public Safety

This is a challan payment & traffic monitoring app of Punjab Safe Cities Authority. It also provide panic or emergency call options. Punjab Safe City Project right now is applicable on some selected cities of Punjab only. This app also provides route wise traffic congestion & best alternate route options for travelers.

22. Rawalpindi Police Citizen Connect

This app meant to provide updated information & knowledge to citizen of district Rawalpindi regarding area wise Police Stations & Traffic Police. It also provide emergency call feature, track complain & report child abuse cases. User can use multiple platform along for complain tracking like IG Complain Portal, Citizen Portal etc.

23. Durust Daam Faisalabad

This is particularly important in context of regulation of prices for day to day necessary items like vegetables, fruits, chicken, meat & grocery item rates. This app introduced & monitored by DC Office Faisalabad. User can check daily updated Government regulated prices for all above mentioned items.

24. Report Corruption

Developed and managed by Anti Corruption Unit of Punjab Government. This app provide facility to give corruption evidences against Government institutions or officials with or without any identity disclosure.

25. Punjab Ehsaas Rashan

Another PTI Government Led, poverty eradication project to help citizen of Punjab to mitigate inflation. The Government of Punjab is providing relief to low income families under the initiative of Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Program. Under the said program, the eligible families will get benefits through subsidized prices of certain commodities.

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