Masterful Habits To Beat Distractions In Life | Most Important Soft Skills in 2024

Do you ever find yourself trying concentrate but failed to focus? Do you ever think why we are more engaged yet less productive and efficient now? Why we are so much distracted these days? We are practically living in the world of scattered attention. We are doing things without any thoughtfulness and without any primal attention. Is technology is the root cause or something attached with human psychology? Is there only external triggers for distractions or there might be internal triggers too? Whatever, the root cause of the problem is, one thing is for sure, it is hurting our working abilities and efficiencies, without giving expressive note to us. We are unknowingly wasting more times now, inspite of having more tools and quick to do facilities.

What is Distraction, or Digital Distractions?

Distraction, disturbance, interruptions all are something that deter our attention from work we are doing, hence diluting our time with decrease in efficiency and production. As far as digital distraction is concerned, it is distraction created by all the digital means namely; smart phones, TV, emails, notifications and social media etc. There is a research which shows an average person checks his or her phone 200 to 500 times every single day.

Your phone is costing you your fortune.

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Why Multi Tasking is Over Rated, or Why Distractions Must be Eliminated?

Multi tasking now seems more of a modern living style, rather than a productive way to do things right. Multi tasking is doing multiple things at the same time, rather than focusing on one main work. But how efficient really is multi tasking? Is it recommended for everyone? Only 2% people can be a super taskers; who can perform under multi tasking environment. What about the normal and reality?

This term was first used in 1960s about computers rather than for human brains and human attention; which is very limited resource. Attention can be think as spot light, which manage to highlight only spotted area. Multi tasking increases the chances of Inattention Blindness. That is not the natural way of doing things, as our brain is not wired to do multiple overloaded things at once. Therefore, prefer mono tasking for everyday work. This will enhance production efficiency and will save time for more tasks.

An addiction to distraction is the death of creative production.

Robin Sharma- Best Selling Self Help Author

If we observe all the high achievers in any field of life; from poets to writers, scientists to researchers, sports legends to movie stars, philanthropic to business billionaires. All have one thing in common; they spend long period of time away from diversions, distractions and trivial interruptions. Now you can be like being busy and busy or you can be a history maker, by adopting these four masterful habits.

Protect Your Attention

Human mind has a limited cognitive bandwidth or mental space. It is our capacity or ability to use our limited cognitive abilities effectively. Every time, we deter ourselves from main work, whether by using social media, by doing irrelevant work; we leave attention residue there from our allocated mental bandwidth. This way we don’t remind what we did last time, because we haven’t managed ourselves as pros do. Therefore, the first step towards utter focus is to build a tight metaphorical bubble of utter and total focus, with zero interruption allowance.

This self created bubble only should allow creative, inspirational and vibrational things or people, with zero allowance to anything toxic, bad or distractional in nature. This way you can build your own eco-system of work and creativity.

Focused Gadget Less Un-Interrupted Conversation

This habit I am going to point out is the normal scene now a days. Parents and their childs are dining out with zero conversation because everyone is busy with their phone. During customer dealing or client conversation, other party is just scrolling their social media news feed. This may seems normal now, but truly this habit is a big disrespect and a big alarming shout out for humans. We you focus your presence, your energy and your attention on another human being. You validate that person and you make that person bigger. When people saw other person paying deep attention while listening to them; they tends to trust more and the chances of meaningful conversion gets high. Therefore, no phone conversations, professional or personally. The best leaders are curious.

Usage of Primal Genius

One thing all the great people do, they spend most of their time in solitude. Right now in a digitally integrated world it seems as a bad connotation. It is not considered cool if we don’t like follow, engage or share. The true nature of a leader is, you are not a follower. We are in addiction of being liked and followed, not actually but virtually. We are in cage of our own, where we like for like, share for share and posting to prove not to inform. Construct your own identity and step out of the train of fake world. Your instinct is more valuable even than your intellect.

Create your own secluded space for your creative thinking at least. It could be your bedroom, library of your institute or a alone park walk etc. It must have to be like a ritual. This habit will streamline your thought process daily at the same time at same place. This will generate ideas from the deep of your mind. Do travel if you feel yourself stuck in any routine or at any place. An emerging science concept tells us that there is a huge link between travelling and amplified creativity. Be around beauty, if you don’t have such facilities then create your own beautiful world, it can be by placing flowers in your creative thinking place. This will stimulates your brain and will inspire and motivate you.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persist in adapting the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

George Bernard Shaw

Join Early Morning Club

Your morning routine is so fundamentally important for the quality of your retention and for the kickstart of your day. Now a days most people check their social media notifications or emails as their first to do after waking up. Unknowingly, this habit is setting your day routine; and no one can make big out of routine. If you want to be a change maker, leader or futuristic visionary then you must have to come out of routine or step out of what majority is doing.

To have the results only 5% of the planet has, you’ve got to be willing to do what 95% of the population is unwilling to do.

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If you want to make impactful change in your life for greater goals, then make a commitment right here right now; to spend next 66 days for creation of new impactful positive habit. This 66 days benchmark came from research of University College of London; that say it takes sixty six days to install and new habit. Why this habit of early morning wakeup is necessary? Because you can anchor your strengths at the time of least distraction and at the time of nature wake up. It can be through meditation, through prayers or through morning walk. This way your body get align with nature. When you set your life cycle with nature, you only then can see the miracle and true beauty of nature. This habit will also give you more time to work and more time to concentrate, as compare to your competitors. Further, it will reduce panic attack, whenever you have to do things at the nick of time. Make this habit your power.

Victories are won before you even step on the battle field of the day.

A Quote From 5 AM Club

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