Elon Musk Top 10 Rules for Sustainable Success in Rapidly Changing Technology World

He is a pro-active tech billionaire & CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, Founder of The Boring Company, Co-Founder of Neuralink with net worth of 153.5 billion USD. He learned coding all by himself, when he was just 12 years old. He is aiming to establish 1st human colony on Mars, to save human extinction.

Here is his list of 11 rules for sustainable, future centric success in business:

Ask the right questions

Starting from very basic question of what is the purpose of life to more advance one of how can you play important role in society development & human enlightenment, can leads to open more gates and develop clear cut mind maps. Becuase if you ask right questions to own self, then second part of finding the answers, is easy one.

Make sacrifices

if you are aiming big, then must have courage to sacrifice time, money, relationships & comfort zone. Because these sacrifices help to build self realization & importance of such destinations. Elon told in his one of interview that, during Tesla’s electric cars production, he worked 22 hours a day & 7 days a week. Ultimately suffer mentally & physically.

Take risks

Welcome failures, as those failures enable stronger comebacks & sustainable success. Normal people only tends to see success, but they often neglect failure, sacrifices behind. Space X launch their successful rocket 4 from small launch pad, after 3 failed missions & tons of dollars.

Have a strong why

Have a courage & mind set that questions cliche, normal rules, set patterns, as these stuck people mind. This was the habit that leads Steve Jobs to question Nokia phone & build smart phones ahead of their time. Elon vision of The Boring Co. & project of tunneling revolutionizing mass transportation.

Don’t fear failure

Even if odds of success is low, but you have strong self belief on your vision. Then pursue your path with absolute no sense of failure. Like Elon, when he started his Space X, that was not meant to be a rocket company, rather that was just for a non-commercial, non lucrative, not so serious taking aim to send & grow some green seeds there to check green life behind red landscape.

Disrupt the industry

By innovating, by taking steps, by thinking out of the box, disrupt and revolutionize normal operating procedures. This will help you to create leading, most profitable and market competitive edge from traditional market. When banking were done by traditional methods, Elon introduce X.com, which ultimately leads to financial revolution of PayPal.

Push the frontier

Pushing normal, pushing previous achieved, pushing for new should be the norm, should have to be the most prime thing to focus. As it will evolve anyone, his business, thus human race overall. Moon landing was a frontier push in space wandering at that time, Smart phone invention was pushing the frontier.

Have people you admire

Have role models, have inspirations, have motivations, have leaders to give you enlighten path, which then can enable head straight approach for success. Elon was too a big fan of Benna Franklin, a scientist and thinker. 1st be inspired then do inspire others.

Make things happen

1st you have to believe, if you can think, you can do this too. Only limitation here is your mind set. If people thinks that can’t be done, then norm should be to overcome that failure or cross such limit to make things happen. Space X was built behind negative rocket science trend of NASA. When people, market trends were showing sustainable solutions like electric cars are either too expensive or not doable, Elon structured Tesla and rest is history.

Apply physics principles in your thinking

Every pure science or social science theory based on some basic principles or set of rules, generally accepted as Universal truths. Therefore, any inference or research based on these rules make people believe that such conclusions are right, otherwise they don’t really accept surprises or new. Theory of relativity & quantum physics weren’t accepted open heartedly at that time. But things changes & evolve, whenever think & research out of the box.

Bonus: Don’t afraid of technology evolution specifically A.I

We as humans as developer of artificial intelligence don’t have to fear it’s development it’s decision making power and it’s future implications rather we have to plan work around and with AI.

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  • November 30, 2020 at 6:54 pm

    Mad man of our times! Really keen follower of him

  • December 26, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    Eccentric billionaire

  • January 29, 2021 at 6:34 pm

    In a minute he is world first richest man and at another minute he became 2nd richest and vice versa


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