Jack Ma Top Rules for Successful Life & Business

One of the richest Chinese e-commerce legend, humanitarian and investor with $61.7 billion net worth. Founder and former executive of world biggest multinational e-commerce setup Alibaba Group. A strong advocate of market driven economy, he is Jack Ma or Ma Yun.

If you want to learn; how to invest, how to be successful, how to be billionaire from nothing? Then here is Jack Ma’s top 11 success rules for life and business:

Don’t Follow Success Stories Only

Always learn from the mistakes, rather than success stories of others. Because other people or startup mistakes and failures taught you how to survive. This may not prevent you from doing mistakes, rather it will taught you how to go through and stand still in tougher times. The biggest problem with success stories is that they may overshadow negative aspects and may not be able to tell you how to swim in deep waters.

Believe Yourself

Believe yourself, when no one believing you. Have an inner say, lend an ear to your inner self. Take tiny progressive steps, toward your goals. Alibaba got 30 rejections in their early years from investors. He believe in his plans and in internet, when no one seeing his vision and future orientation of internet.

Live Healthy & Meaningful

You come to life, to be happier and healthy. See, if you are not healthy, you will not be happy. Advancement in science and technology; increasing life expectancy and average life span, but not ensuring happiness. Therefore, have a purposeful meaningful life. Don’t be obsessed with things, targets and material achievements. Always try to establish your cut off limit!

Be The First

Don’t try to be the best, but try to be the first. First to take challenge, first to take risks, first to embrace change, first to sacrifice, first to step out, first to lead. Mind it, everyone is unique. Be yourself is the key first step towards a long lasting success.

Prepare For The Future

Look forward into future, find opportunities there and work for those goals. Don’t take forecasts or projections of previous years too seriously. If something bad or good had happened in past, leave that incident in past and prepare for future targets instead. You may be out of competition today, but future is an equal and open battle field for all of us. Go prepare yourself for future!

Focus on Quality Not Quantity

The bigger the better was an old dated saying from previous century, now good is better. Focus on quality not size, apply on every aspect of life and business. If you are running multi billion dollars company at the sacrifice of your health, family and liberty. You are not successful then. Try and follow quality path, not necessarily the path everyone is following, because that’s the life!

Gather Greatness

Surround yourself with great peoples, whether in life or in business. Mind it, only you can establish your magnetic field. If you are great, then you will attract great, if you are selfish then you will get selfish and so on. You won’t find 100% perfection, but it least try to filter and retain people with big vision who can sacrifice for others.

Take Challenges as Opportunities

Opportunities always lies in challenges and complaints. if you solve the challenge you will be successful. The big challenge you solve the bigger opportunity you will have.

Respect Your Competitors

Respect, admire and learn from your competitors. Respecting is a true sportsmanship. Admiration establish acceptance of level that your competitor have achieved and learning from them is the door to untouched opportunities that they didn’t opened yet. Therefore, respect and study them and set your own goals.

Have Fun

Enjoy everything you are doing. Try to find your passion. Don’t be shy of to rest, to take break and to say no. People always showing off won’t feel happy inside, as they live for others not for themselves. We saw Ma’s farewell, where he performed in concert. Therefore, start to live for yourself for your loved ones!

Make Your Current Worth Living

Even if you are future centric that doesn’t mean you have to ruin your present. Humans are investing trillions in building of space colonies but not in preserving their current home. Humans will find peace in their current home only. Therefore, focus to preserve nature around to make your current worth living. Try to be natural as possible!

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    Jack ma really is in hot water now a days with Chinese Government


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