Top 10 Super Tips to Be Productive During Work From Home

Due to Covid-19 and its consequential effect on all segments of life; world and processes has changed. Things are not the same anymore, pandemic measures are setting new normal for every aspect of life.

Many companies around the world have rolled out mandatory remote work or work from home. Whether you are junior, middle manager or top executive everyone is bounded to work from home to run things smoothly. Might be possible that shifting to home office will soon become the new normal.

If you are struggling to find your routine or fighting hard to be as productive as you used to be during your normal working days? Then, first thank Almighty for your job and for the fact that you are not un-employed in such times. Secondly follow this simple to do guide during work from home:

Kick Start Your Day

During normal office days, our whole life revolve around strict office schedule; starting with alarm, rushing towards office, lunch break, clumsy second half and dinner in home to bed. But work from home not as simple as it seems; leaving your pillow and starting your computer feels like 100 miles.

The best way to get your day started while working from home is to start with your best hobby; this can be prayer, solid breakfast, jogging or shower etc. Then dive into your to do list and follow same office schedule as you do in normal working days. Therefore, stay and be a morning person to kick start your day and pretend like you are still in office.

Create Environment

Suit up properly and set logistics for office work. Set any calm spot of your home. It can be your study table, dining table or window side table but must not have to be your bed or couch etc. Sitting right will keep you stay focus and getting you in right frame of mind for productive work.

Have Clear Communication

Have clear communication with your boss, supervisor or senior to know what’s expected from you. If you have goals set for your day, you are good to go. You know exactly what is your route map. Working from home may be a new concept for your company, but by having clear and regular communication with colleagues and bosses even with simple mobile call or WhatsApp and can eliminate ambiguities and set your agenda for the day.

Gets Hand on Technology

Work from home needs some basic tools and technology and you need to have some basic knowledge for how to using these. It is more than using only laptop or business ERP solution. Learn how to use meeting call suits like zoom, google meetings, skype etc.

You can’t waste valuable time learning basic tools, watch tutorial videos well in advance to save yourself from embarrassment. Also always invest in the right tools of communication, like headphone, microphone and have a backup tools in case of crash of any item.

Interact With Humans

Don’t isolate yourself. Mind it you are working from home, not from Mars. Take small breaks, communicate with your colleagues and friends. Be a human not robot. Because we as human are meant to share and care. Ask them for any help they need and share your problems if you are having in your life.

Create Work Triggers for Brain

Getting distracted during quarantine working times is the biggest challenge. To keep your mind in working mode avoid non working tasks like; laundry, doing dishes or physical workouts etc.

Avoid Social Media Temptation

Social media apps are designed for easy entertainment. Social media could take away your focus and productivity. Turn off all notifications and try to browse through laptop browsers.

Lighten Up Mood

Light up mood during short breaks through any ritual hobby you would like to follow. It can be good music, prayer break, quick nap, comedy watch, tea break or walk in open air etc.

Set up a Finish Time

During normal working day, all tasks are scheduled in a such a way that, winding up hour by default set the tone for closing. But it is easy to loose track of time during work from home. This can create burn out. Therefore, strictly follow work schedule and save work and report as you committed or directed.

Schedule for Tomorrow

The most important even for normal office life too. Recommended for everyone whether doing his own business, doing assigned jobs or freelancing for others. Make a list of to dos for tomorrow work. Try to work this list in last 5 to 10 minutes of working day and keep this list at prominent place as your first sight thing for tomorrow. I prefer to make sticky notes in my work computer. You can fix hard copy sticky notes or can write on your diary or google to do list etc.

This practice will light you up a lot and free up your mind while closing daily work. Also this will minimize chances of forgetting anything.

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