Social Media Marketing Myths & Effective Digital Marketing Strategies in 2023

The biggest portion of digital marketing is consists of social media marketing which is further largely includes Facebook/ Instagram marketing. Then comes different platforms with selective and different types of content and audiences like Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumbler, Linked In etc. Today, we cannot imagine a single successful ecommerce brand without facebook or instagram marketing campaign. In digital marketing world facebook/instagram market share is roughly of 70 to 80 percent. Worldwide user largely use these two apps, therefore, primary concern for any business for social media marketing should be these two platforms.

Here are some misconceptions about social media ads, some tips, some do’s and dont’s of social media marketing specially facebook marketing; which will help to boost your digital agency business or your ecommerce store.

Top Ten Misconceptions About Social Media Marketing & Top Ten Social Media Marketing Strategies:

Any Product Can Be Successful

The most understood and perhaps the biggest on, is thinking & believing that every product can be sold successfully. Facebook ads aren’t a miracle worker in the sense that every single product can just have Facebook ads ran for them and you become a success. It needs to be a relevant product or service with a strong demand and sometime with less competition; that hits the market at the right point.

Instant Results

Facebook ads is not a get rich quick scheme. There is a old saying which goes like this “It goes away as fast as it comes“. So whenever you are running Facebook ads just try to be patient and always keep testing new audience, ad copy and creatives until and unless you find your winning ad And always keep in mind that great things comes out of patience.

It Is Easy To Do

If everyone and anyone can make product saleable through product posting and advertisement, then everyone had his or her own multi-million dollar store or company. Point of action is, if you can afford support of relevant professionals then hire team or digital marketing agency with proven experience and success record. If you can’t afford or want to experiment then go for structured approach continuously, even when you can’t go big with your budget. Continuity and keeping things upfront is the key.

Increasing Daily Budget Will Fix All

If your ad is failing then increasing daily budget will not make any difference other than unnecessarily eating up your hard earned money. Instead of increasing budget you should work on your offer, your product, target audience, your ad creative and copywriting.

“Here Is a Product- Buy it Now!!”

Facebook ads is a magic gateway to the world of Narnia. Yes, so many people think that Facebook ads is a magic button and I totally agree. But to experience the real magic of Facebook ads you should have an irresistible offer in place. You just can’t come up with any random product or service assuming that by just running Facebook ad you will become millionaire overnight.

Once Successful, Always Successful

Facebook algorithms & parameters are not stagnant, rather evolving and continuously updating one. That is why, you may face such situation where same successful ad may become saturated and costlier one. Therefore, keep your eyes on increasing conversion cost and make adjustment to current running ads or in some cases to start new campaign altogether.

Only Conversion Campaign Is Effective

Yes, conversion campaigns are meant for direct orders or direct action like buy now, install now, book now etc. But this high cost method is not the only way to generate orders. If you reach the right audience with right product at the right time, then even you can generate orders or actions with simple engagement campaign. Therefore, try to have mix of multi-purpose campaigns.

Excessive Posting Is Enough

This is very objective question that how many posts should have to be post daily? and excessive posting is alternative to boosting or advertisement. First, posting should be within decent limit, where it keeps your brand on timeline of others but not so much posting that it disturb customer or follower. Secondly, alone extra posting with heavy hashtags is not an alternative to facebook paid ads.

Having Million Followers is a Permanent Asset

One most understood one is believing that increasing followers will increase your permanent viewers and then customers. Mind it facebook algorithms only show your posts to upto 5% of followers. Therefore, making permanent followers and thinking about them should not have to be the only way forward in digital marketing world.

Attractive Vs Engaging Marketing Ad

You can get any graphic designer to make you an attractive ad graphic that everyone will love. But that doesn’t mean it will convert like you want it too. That’s where engaging ads come into play, where you can attract customers to click on your ad and convert You need a marketer to create your ad graphics Because these are the questions we need to ask when designing ad graphics:

Q1: What are my audiences already engaging with?

Q2: How can I get them to engage with my ads?

Q3: What can I A/B test on this graphic?

Q4: What audiences am I targeting with this ad graphic?

These are all questions you need to go through when designing each ad graphic. There are some free tools there too, which can help you make good graphic posts with free templates like Canva, Crello, Freepik etc. But all those things are upto you, your creativity and availability of time. Don’t worry about your “brand fonts” or “brand colors” and focus more on your customer and what they engage with Because in the end, that is all that matters. Also I recommend, a digital marketing strategy should also include Google Ads/ YouTube Ads along with social media ads.

I hope this helps a ton with your marketing strategy! Would love to hear your thoughts as well in comments section!

About Author: Bilal Ashraf is a founder of three e-commerce stores Zamani, Towel Showel, House of Calibre and running his own digital agency Infinity Studios with clients from different sectors.

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    Excellent work, and I enjoyed reading your article. Post regularly. Many thanks.

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    Thanks Bilal Ashraf! I appreciate the author’s clear and concise writing style, as well as their emphasis on the importance of creating valuable content and building genuine connections with your audience. Overall, I highly recommend this article to anyone looking to improve their social media marketing efforts.


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