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Messi is one of the greatest footballer and legend of the game from Argentina, who led Argentina for their third world cup final in 2022. He captains his national team and his Spanish Club team FC Barcelona. Up till now Lio has scored 700 plus senior goals and 54 hat tricks, as forward for his country and clubs. He was awarded FIFA Best Men’s player in 2019, & player of the tournament in FIFA World Cup 2022. He is all time leading goal scorer for his country. His diminutive style of play drew comparison with The Great Diego Maradona. Another great Cristiano Ronaldo once said:

He is a great player, he can dribble past many players. It is not at all easy to score five goals in a match. I don’t know if I can, but I hope someday maybe…..

Cristiano Ronaldo Sayings About Messi

He was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency as child. At age thirteen, he was relocated to Spain to join Barcelona. He made his competitive debut at the tender age of 17 in October 2004. Despite being injury prone in his early career, he established himself as an integral player of the club. At the age of 22, he won the d’Or & FIFA World Player of the Year award by record voting margins. In season 2011-2012, he set the record for the most goals in Laliga & European leagues. Messi has recently left FC Barcelona after around 21 years and joined French Club Paris Saint-Germain in 2021.

Life Quotes & Ten Success Tips From Lionel Messi:

Aim for More

Inspite of having so much trophies and titles in life; only things that motivates him is his passion for more & more. He said I would love to keep winning more. Set positive goals at the start of everything. You must always have to aspire to everything. Zeal for achieving more is the key for any successful person.

My ambition is always to get better & better

Messi on His Life Aim

Do Things You Love

Whatever you want to do or doing it in life; do it because you love it. Lio said it doesn’t matter to me whether I came up as greatest soccer player in the game history or set new records and numbers. The only thing matters is playing; I have enjoyed it since I was a little boy and I still try to do that. He always says that when I no longer enjoy it or it’s no longer a fun to play. Then I won’t do it anymore. I do it because I love it, and that’s all I care about. Have a child like curiosity in things and tasks.

Be a Self Critic

If you want to take one key success factor of Lionel journey; that would be a critical self evaluation. Always desire to get better, want more and be your own self critic. Accept the good and bad in you and around you. Identify your mistakes, analyze them and improve yourself for the future.

Sometime you have to accept, you can’t win all the time

Lio 10 Quote on Bad Performance

Dream Big

Messi was a common boy who played football in streets, school and suburb; but with big dream to play for his country. Set small goals and go for achieving them step by step. These small dreams and their achievements will build more confidence in you and will led you to achieve ultimate & big goals in life. Now take a moment and ask yourself what is your big dream?

Stay Focused & Work Hard

Sometime your appreciation, your strengths and your records become the biggest hindrance for your progression. Fame, money and luxuries all are temporary; but your skill, knowledge and passion for more & better is permanent. He asked how he feel whenever someone calls him the greatest soccer player? He replied it feels good but that aside; I try not to think about it and just focus on the day to day business, enjoying what I do and thinking about what is to come. Achievements, records & numbers are only for history. One must have to think out of it and prepare himself/ herself for what coming next.

Ignore the Midgets

Whenever you want to do anything new, join new teams or join new place. Most of the time you faced with hostile and not so welcoming people. But you have to establish your place. Resist it and show what you are capable of. Same like Messi was not welcomed in his new club in Barcelona; but he stood out with his performances and resilience. Ignore those little men, who are not able to see what your talents are and what you can do. Ask yourself whose opinion are you going to stop listening to?

Do Your Own Things

Know your weaknesses and strengths. This self evaluation will help you to decide, what to improve and what to keep doing relentlessly without any doubt. Don’t compromise on your strengths and don’t have any doubt about it. Do passionately what you do better. Leave your own mark.

Don’t write about him, Don’t try to describe him. Watch Him

Pep Guardiola- Lio Spanish Club Football Manager

Be a Team Player

Regardless of your personal profile and your stature. Collective team achievements must be the most important goal for you to serve. Believe in collective achievements not only individual achievements. Be a team player, have an empathy and sacrifice for better & bigger achievements.

Be Grateful

Believe it, things have to happen the way they did. Don’t feel regret on anything and rather be grateful for what you are having and doing. Ask yourself what 3 things are you grateful for? These might include your family, your knowledge, your skill, your experience or your friends.

There are more important things in life than winning or losing a game

Lionel Messi 10 Quotes

Every Opportunity Matters

Life is full of opportunities. It will give you and your passion a chance (s) to establish and grow. Count every minute of your efforts to build huge success from every bit of opportunity. Build a habit to take advantage from every given situation. Play the game fair and square. Enjoy & capitalize every moment while staying professional & ethical.

Embrace Change

Change is not always bad. Be adaptable to change. Things happened for a reason. Don’t get caught up by the moment. Try to see things differently. In a time of distress, always try to thing about positives in your life.


🎖️ One of only 6 men to play in 5 different soccer world cups (WCs)
🎖️ Most goals for Argentina in WC
🎖️ Most assists for Argentina at the WC
🎖️ First Argentine to score in 5 different WC matches in a single tournament
🎖️ First Argentine to score in 3 different WC knockout matches in a single tournament
🎖️ Most appearances at the World Cup: 26
🎖️ Most appearances as captain at the World Cup (19)
🎖️ Most official Player of the Match awards at Word Cups (10)
🎖️ Most official POTM awards at a single Word Cup: 4 (2014 + 2022)
🎖️ Most opening goals at World Cup finals tournaments (7)
🎖️ Oldest player to score 5 goals at a World Cup
🎖️ Only player to make an assist in 5 different WC
🎖️ Youngest and oldest player to get a goal and assist in a single WC match: 18y 357d and 35y 172d
🎖️ Biggest gap between first and last World Cup goals: 16 years, 5 months, 28 days (16/6/06 – 13/12/22)

🎖️ Lionel Messi Becomes First Footballer Ever to score Goal in Group stages, Semi-final & Final in Single World Cup

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