How to Make a Winning Action Plan?

Everyone has goals but some seems to accomplish far more than others. That because people that accomplish their goals have systematic proven goal settings and attainment. Solution is simple; you need a doable action plan, whether it is for business, education, personal goals, social, health and life in general.

There is no hard & fast success rules; only your conviction to professional development and self help is the fuel to lift you up. If you want to be successful in new year, here is your list of things to do. Follow these 5 key steps to build your own plan for long term sustainable success:

1. Decide Exactly What You Want

Set a clear, specific, time bounded and multi dimensional goals for whole aspects of your life. Goals must not have to be vague and general in nature; like I want to earn lots of money, rather think how much exact money you want to earn say One million. Now set goal as I want to earn one million in one year from my current job, my freelance work and from my e-commerce store.

Set multi dimensional versatile goals including goals for your health, your family, your finances, your relationships, your spiritual growth, your personal & professional developments. This will immediately put you in a separate category from most of the people who have no goals and aims in life. Most people have no idea what they really want. People are unconsciously pre-occupied with the fear of failure, which blocks them setting clear specific goals.

2. Write Down Your Goal (s)

Writing goals on paper is like programming your sub-conscious mind towards your life targets. This will activate your whole series of mental powers, that will going to enable you to achieve much more than you ever dreamed off. You began to expect to achieve goals and you will start to attract people and circumstances into your life, that are consistent with attainment of goals.

Sit and write your goals on a piece of paper. Only 3% people have written clear goals, everyone else plans to write them someday. Success began with this very piece of paper, which may require few minutes of your life. You can start with Three Goal Method; Which is in less than 30 seconds write your 3 most important goals in life. These unconsciously written goals most probably true and accurate depiction of what you really want in life.

3. Set a Deadline

Set specific deadlines and if it is a large goals then sub divide into sub-deadlines. What if you don’t achieve any deadline, set another deadline. Remember deadline is just an estimate of when you will you achieve it. You may achieve goal well in advance or it may take you much longer than expect. But it must have a target time.

This deadline setting practice will be a forcing system for your sub-conscious mind, towards achieving your goals on schedule. Say If you want to achieve financial stability and independence you may can set 5 to 10 years goal, then break it down year by year. After every year sit and analyze, redesign and reschedule, if needed, your goal attainment pace.

There are no unreasonable goals, only unreasonable deadlines.

Brian Tracy- Quotes on Setting Action Plans

4. Make a To Do List of Everything

Jot a list of everything you could possibly think of that you will have to do to achieve your goals in life. These are the list of all those little things you have to do to reach to your goals. Identify the obstacles that you may have to overcome. Identify the knowledge, experience and skills you need and identify people who can help or can coordinate with you.

The more comprehensive and detailed your list, they more intense and motivational you will be. Your list must be supported with priority tag arranging sequentially. Priority should be ranging between more important and less important. Sequence is what you have to do before you do something else and in what order. Follow 80/20 Rule which is 80% of your results and success will come from 20% of your activities. On the other hand, 20/80 Rule tell us the first 20% of time that you spend planning your goal and organizing you plan will be worth 80% of the time and effort required to achieve the goal.

The more you believe the more you can

Brian Tracy; Inspirational Quotes On Setting & Writing Goals

5. Schedule it Into a Comprehensive Plan

Now that you have comprehensive list of to do’s, now convert this into comprehensive route map or plan. Plan each day, week, month and year in advance. The more careful and detailed you are, the more you will achieve in less time. The take away is that each minute spend in planning will save 10 minutes on execution. Prioritize daily an plan you activities with the most valuable use of time.

Now you have action plan ready, take action and be a doer. Take breaks and make adjustments if needed and required.

Your problem is to bridge the gap between where you are now and the goals you intended to reach.

Brian Tracy Advice Effective Action Plans

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