Top 5 Things To Do In Your Layoff Times? A Holistic Approach to Utilize Bad Times For Greater Future Success!

Post qualification or inter job switch time really is a stressful time with increasing expectation pressure along with fear of prolonging of that period. Current economic devastation brought massive downsizing world wide. We see two types of redundant workforce; first, fresh graduates looking eagerly for their first opportunity and second, victims of downsizing due to world wide recession in economy.

Luckily, we have sort some simple steps to get you out of that stressful time. with readily available resources and mostly with zero monetary investment. These steps are of generic nature, any one from any field of study can apply them, can take advantage from them and possibly can make life supporting assets from them. Further, we recommend these steps along with actively searching, looking and applying for good jobs, if you want to have one.

Here is our list of doable and future centric things to get you through these thin times:


freelancing for earning

If you are a skilled person, whether fresh graduate or an experienced one. You can freelance your skill for temporary and some cases handsome inflows. Even in today’s world we can see professionally qualified individuals doing full time freelancing without going to any rigid time bounded job.

We recommend not to go in if & buts, and start without thinking I am a pro level professional and don’t want to do intermediate level projects. You have to find a paying hobby, not only this will fill your pocket, but also can give you negotiation power for prospective job. You can use following biggest list of Useful Job Hunt Sites For All Professions & Sectors categorically organized, for freelancing project hunting along with job search.

Read, Read & Read

reading for betterment-best articles for self development

Read a lot, as this will broad your vision about things and environment around you. Find your interest niche and go through with discipline. You can source things from hard books, online additions and may be a good self helping life blog. If you go through all successful individuals of our time, with likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet etc. You can see they read a lot and they continuously refer this as one of their success factor.

Self help, motivational books and blogs can keep you intact and will prepare you for uncertain futures. Here you can find one of our recommended article about How to Overcome Challenges & Problems In Life in 4 simple steps.

Build Soft Skills

soft skills to thrive in modern times

A complete professional is an ideal set of work skills and soft skills. Because only combination of both can drive your career success. So, this is the best time to explore yourself by asking, what is missing in your personality, what can add more value to your professional skills.

Soft skills are attributes which construct your personality and character. If you are still confused about what is soft skill and what skills to consider for personality development? For this to understand, we recommend you these 7 Soft Skills to Grow & Be Successful In Your Career.


travelling-natural places

You can escape ordinary through travelling, through going into new places and meeting with new peoples. This is the most ignored aspect now for a corporate job holder or for a businessman. We are becoming slave of our routine now.

We see people are having more money, more comfortable life style, but still we are becoming home of diseases, such as blood pressure, diabetes, stress and depression. Only nature can take you out from this.

Content Creation

blogging for earning-turn layoff time for skill-how to utilize unemployed time for better-freelancing-travelling-soft skills-reading-blogging-blessing in disguise (1)

Again a really future oriented asset base tool for anyone can create. Say if you are a medical professional un-employed or not practicing; you can start your You tube Channel on life care or you can build your own blog. Point is if you are an educated person with any sort of qualification, you can choose your own niche and can create content, which by the way can earn you many more than any standard job.

Think and build this like a your asset, which may be not readily, but can certainly generate profits for you in future. You can create content based on your take away from your readings, we suggested above. Therefore, you are not at loss anyway.

Author Note:

This list is not a conclusive list, but a recommendatory only. This article is only tend to give you idea about how can you turn the tables and how this apparently redundant time, can be a blessing in disguise for you.

Therefore, look into your inner self, rise up and change the game once in for all!

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