Top Ten Humble Success Rules by Dr. Muhammad Younus

He is a Noble Laureate, Bangladeshi social entrepreneur, banker and notable economist. In 2006, he won Noble Peace Price on pioneering the concepts of micro financing and micro credit. He also served on the Board of United Nations Foundation.

He is Dr. Muhammad Younus, founder of Grameen Bank. Here is his list of top ten rules for impactful prosperity and success:

Have Confidence

Give others respect, confidence and trust. You will never be disappointed with the response you will get in return. Initiate confidence giving process without expecting from someone to start the process. Try to understand and respect standing and view point of others. All this trust giving practice, will create foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Be Simple

Don’t live for materialistic achievements. Live a simple purposeful life. First this will give you inner peace and satisfaction. Secondly you will be amazed by the economies you will achieve by opting simple life. Lastly, you will feel more focused on things you are doing, as simplicity eliminates distractions.

Challenge Things

Don’t get scared if you don’t know something. Don’t feel that you have to be very smart to do something. You still can make wonders while remaining ordinary. Don’t feel scared about challenging things.

Like when he was trying to start micro financing, many conventional bankers told him not to go into poor people, as they are not credit worthy. Therefore, doing the opposite way, doing the stupid way is not a bad thing.

Find Your Inspiration

Have a purposeful, valuable and trustworthy inspiration. This inspiration for Doctor Younus, not came from any big economist or billionaire entrepreneur, rather he took inspirations from poor village women. Who worked really hard to improve their life a bit. They tried to never break the trust, Grameen Bank have made on them, by giving little amounts to stable and stand their shaking lives.

Re-Invent Your Purpose

Life is not about making money, buying expensive gadgets and luxuries. We have to reinvent our life purpose by going into old methods. The purpose of our life is to help, is to build, is to care and to share with others. Human life is about creativity, doing things that become his or her legacy

Start Very Small

Always think big and start very small and easy. Start as small as you can get. Don’t permit your imagination to take you jump up the way. Your first tiny step, will make all this happen.

Author Commentary: Believe it, this small foundational step will build complete empire on this. Because, mostly we stuck with our ideal big plans and never able to initiate anything new in our life. Therefore, focus most be on doing and doing smallest possible things.

Don’t Wait for a Certificate

If you want to be an entrepreneur, then don’t wait for your graduation or masters degree to start. You can become entrepreneur anytime you want. You only look for certificate, when you are looking for a job. That doesn’t mean you don’t need education. You need education to the extent that you are interested in.

Aim to Create Jobs

Forget about jobs; this is an obsolete idea to complete education and have a job. You must tell yourself again and again, that you are not a job seeker, rather a job creator.

Behave like a job creator, think like a job creator, suddenly you will see completely different things. It’s in your head, which causes problem, not your ability. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, that’s how we lived for million years. Humans created a tradition of go-getters and problem solvers. Industrialization converted this into job seekers. The moment you accept a job, you limit yourself. You live into bits and pieces.

Don’t Limit Your Imagination

Don’t put limit on your imagination. Think big, think out of the box, think unrealistic without hesitation without any limitation. Be as wide as you can be in your imagination, as if you are writing a social fiction. These fictions are the driving force. It will make things happen.

Don’t be Money Centric

Everything in our world is money oriented now; our career, our business and every other kind of success is measured in monetary terms. This is squeezing out every kind of social orientation of human life and human activity. Business doesn’t have to be always materialistic, because human beings are not always about money, they are much more than that. We take care of ourselves and everything around ourselves.

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