How to Build a Strong Positive Attitude-Top 8 Rules & Tips

We all face problems and challenges, many time in our life. Only people with positive attitude survive such down times and come out strongly next time. Our life is a reflection of our own attitude. Further, we all like and want to be around people who are supportive, encouraging and caring; instead of people always criticizing, pinpointing and discouraging.

In quest of positive thinking and self confidence building this is our list of top rules for positive attitude development:

Be Proactive Not Reactive

Proactive approach emphasis on pre-planning and pre-doing well before any mis-happening. This mind set won’t necessarily prevent you from any problem, but will eliminate shock effect from any bad.

Be Curious

People with questioning mind always learn something from their ‘why’ every time. You will find people with ‘I know everything’ attitude always stagnant. They stuck into their own obsessions. They don’t think, they don’t ask and they don’t search. Therefore, they don’t grow and they don’t improve a bit. Mind it, Curiosity will help you discover new things and perspectives in life.

Be a Positive Magnet

As per law of attraction; positive thoughts attract positive people, negative thoughts attract negative people. If you want to see something good from others then try to do such things first. Don’t expect people to be good with you, rather be a good one first. All other good will happen to you automatically in response.

Be Humorous

Have a great sense of humor. Have a courage to laugh on life’s tragedies, adversaries and absurdities. That doesn’t mean not to be serious with life. That’s mean not to be too obsessed with life events. Try to laugh, take positive and make right for next time.

This is not about laughing and cheering, it is about admitting and moving.

Control Thoughts

Thoughts build your actions, which then build your personality. Your personality establish reputation which then create good will or bad will. Therefore, change your thoughts for better. Always try to think positive and take positive from every disaster. Mind it, every disaster carries opportunities. Go find those!

Don’t Look For Short Cuts

Believe it to the core that, all things in life won’t come to you easily. Our society is going towards shining glitters which might be someone success, someone’s top position or someone achievement. But we don’t admire the facts behind which are their hardship, their pain, their sacrifices and their struggle.

Jack Ma in his Top Rules for Successful Life & Business said that always learn from the mistakes of other, rather than their success stories. Because small mistakes prevent you from bigger failure and disasters in life. Therefore, go for hard path, which will be more beneficial and sustainable.

Trace Your Source of Anger

Find your source of anger. Those sources may be your job, your negative friends or relatives, your mobile, your obsessions or your lack of physical activity. Then go switch off those sources to led the foundation for open and positive mind. Mind it, your Anger won’t benefit you at all.

Watch Your Words

Inspite of all informational boom; believe it or not, we are getting limited with our vocabulary now. Using of negative words are in trends now. Like our constantly judging behavior ask us what the hell is wrong with him or her? Why our office lunch is bad? Why he is not dressing well etc.

Therefore, keep track of your words by just deleting all negative words from your vocab and by adding positive words into your collection. By being grateful, by saying thank you, by admitting that all is well, by hoping it will be fine. This will give you positive prospective about every situation.

For professional development and personality building we recommend 7 Soft Skills to Grow & Be Successful in Your Career. Last but not the least ‘Attitude is everything’.

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