7 Soft Skills To Grow & Be Successful in Your Career

Soft skills are those attributes that cannot be measured rather we have to prove those skills. Such skills are becoming more important in today’s world as these will help you to build relationships, gain reputation & creating more opportunities for you. These are equally important in all aspect of life, whether dealing in corporate job, doing and marketing own business or startup and generally in day to day dealings.

Here is top notch must have skills, that will help you to take your career and dealings to next level:


Why do we need to communicate effectively, both written and verbal? First it will help to built positive image among your co-workers, fellows and mates. Secondly, it will help building relationships and lastly, it will boost your performance.

Today employers are actively looking for those skills, because this will increase productivity among workers. It is very simple if you can convey clearly who, what, when, where, why & how of anything, you will be a hot ticket for any kind of team.

Here is how you can develop your verbal & written communication skills; first by joining public speaking workshop, Like Toastmaster Internationals, where you can get the opportunity to speak in front of public. second you can do this by attending online courses and applying such learnings in front of your friends, colleagues or business partners. Third be an active listener, a much overlooked skill in effective communications. Lastly, monitor your body language, this includes nodding along, maintaining eye contact and leaving a firm hand shake.


One of the most sought after skill and can be define as the process of interaction between two or more persons, initially having differences, try to resolve their differences using arguments & persuasion to reach a mutually accepted solution.

You can build this by believing in win-win solution. This strategy can bring more fruit than you thought. People don’t want to loose, give them what they want even at the cost of your short term benefits. first try to understand thoroughly opponent perspective. Then during negotiation process give other participants sense of sacrifice, impartiality and selflessness.

Team Player & Collaboration

Why team is so important, because you cannot do solo flights in these teamed up competitive environments. Success is the result of many people working together towards a common goal. Why recruiters are looking for this skill in candidate, because good team work improves the culture, environment and efficiency at work place.

This is how you can gain this skill; first lend a helping hand, second by offering a cover for someone and third is to take responsibility for your actions. This will help to build team spirits in good cooperative working environment.


Changing times requires; adapting flexible open minded willing personalities. Adaptability simply mean being flexible to change in process, environment and technology around. This is must have as things not always go as per your plan. Therefore, instead of grumbling and complaining, the best solution is to find alternatives. This is what good leaders do; they find solutions to problems not increase the problem.

The good ways to gain this skill is to push yourself and be flexible to change. Learn to adapt to new technology as quickly as possible. Try to attend training sessions to grab new ideas.

Problem Solving

This skill establish your choice of whether you are here to complain or to take actions. Mind it’s taking actions that will get you notice. Learn to find quick solutions & make decisions faster. Establish yourself as problem solver by sailing your organization or project through un-expected problems.

The best way to gain this is to always approach your superiors with solutions, not problems. Whenever, issue arises, sit down and think that through before bringing it to your superiors attention.

Critical Thinking & Creativity

It is essential skill to bring new ideas to your workplace. It is about thinking positives or negatives of any situation or development.

You can establish this skill by learning and observing. You could read articles, news, blogs or discussion on non workplace issues with colleagues or fellows to generate more ideas and to gain more perspectives. This brain storming will help you develop critical thinking skill.

Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

Emotional intelligence is about sensing environment, interpreting it and reacting to situation with possible emphatic way, towards own self and toward others. It can be describe in following four domains namely; self awareness, self management, empathy and last is putting all together for functional skill. It can also be refer as social intelligence.

It can be develop through sense of care, sense of positivity and sense of understandability for everyone and in evey given situation.

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