5 Tips to Be Highly Productive & Efficient at Work

Are you a struggler? Looking for career, business or life success? Searching your key to success? Opened millions tabs on your desktop but still not doing or taking anything productive out of it? Feeling waste of time & demotivated? Get easily trapped up with distractions? Want to be successful in new year and still not yet sure about your new year resolution for 2021. Then you are at the right place.

Follow those simple steps if you want to be super productive and successful in new year:

1. Set Smart Achievable Written Goals

All the universe is planned and with a purpose. No thing in the world is without a purpose and no good thing happened without a reason and without a solid effort behind. Therefore, don’t sit, wait and looking on others for your success. Try to put search light on your goals and set them as your tower light to direct your efforts towards those lights.

You can absolutely achieve your goals. Formula is simple; Just write down your goals, put a date on it, identify obstacles, identify and sort people the group you need to work with, find out what it is you need to know, develop a plan of action and write it down what’s in it for me. JC Penny once said “Give me a stock clerk with a goal, I’ll give you a man who will make history; but give me a man without goal, I’ll give you a stock clerk”

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2. Only Do Necessary & Fewer Things a Day

Sometime, we got caught up by our over productivity, over conscious and over efficiency issues. We set over optimistic goals and we tried to do things with heavy load on shoulder but after all we all just got burnt out. Repeating this cycle day in and day out, make us brain fog. The more we are trying to do multi task, the less we are actually getting done.

The key and solution is to make a list of necessary to dos. Only do five things a day; make a numbered list with strict priority order and go through all steps one by one. Be committed to your tasks and their sequence and you will see growth in your productivity graph. It is better to be a efficient single tasker than inefficient multi tasker.

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3. Manage Your Activities

All living soul on earth got the same amount of time. Only difference that make us rich & poor, successful & unsuccessful, happy & unhappy, satisfied & dissatisfied is our utilization of this given 24 hours. Yes it is true that nobody can master his time, but only his activities. Make a list of dos and pay your conscious attention to do those things. Make certain that you are spending your time on activities that are productive.

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4. Utilize the Power of 64

Attain efficiencies in your time. First by developing system, then by outsourcing things that are killing your time and lastly by focusing on everything you are doing. Try to create habits in performance.

Developing system for better time management means to do things step wise and sequentially. Don’t get rush into things and take things one by one. Multi tasking is now a fashion, but believe me not an efficient method of doing things. Then outsource all things that are killing or wasting your time; like choosing what to wear for work at the nick of time or searching for belt and socks etc. Try to do these things night before or lend those decisions to your near one, such as your spouse, sister, mother or maid. This routine will spare your mind for more important work and prevent you from any kind of panic situation. Lastly, try to do things with full consideration and focus; even minor work like brushing your teeth in the morning. This will improve your efficiency and will save ton of time.

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5. Structure Your Goals

Take your major goals and structure them as asking questions. Say if your goal is to build successful e-commerce store, then ask yourself how can I build e-commerce store? Then discipline yourself to write as many questions as you can and then think all the possible ways and solutions providing answers to all those questions. Write your answers against every question.

Question should be open ended. Put your sincere and thoughtful efforts in giving answers to all those questions. Force yourself to at least 20 questions. This method is called mind storming, which enables to dig deep and deep into your mind, where you will find all your answers. Try to find solutions for all the questions and sometime solution to only one sticking question can change your life once in for all. Just make your own Winning Action Plan to attain success you once dreamed off.

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