Biggest Listing of Job Hunt Sites for All Professions, Sectors & Freelancers

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Post qualification job search or hunt for after resignation jobs was very stressful & hectic once, not so hectic anymore. As this exclusive job websites list can guide you through all possible options; in whatever profession you are, at whatever education level you are, whatever job level you are. All job related websites, so far 70+, are hereby categorized under 7 main categories.

Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Audit & ERP Professionals:

These sites tend to cater all their students, members & other finance professionals, publishing all kinds of executive, top management, middle management & lower management positions.

 Institute of Chartered Accountants of
 Institute of Cost Management Accountants of
 Association of Chartered Certified
 Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants-

Engineering & Medical Professionals:

Specifically designed to cater job needs of executives, associate, assistant, helping & freshers jobs.

 Pakistan Engineering Council
 University of Health Sciences-Current Openings
 University of Health Sciences-Job Portal
 Punjab Residency Program-PRP
 Higher Education Commission

Public Service Commission Jobs Sites:

List for all Government competitive commission jobs, based on certain level of education, pre-qualification criteria & entrance testing procedure. Along with Federal Government, all Provincial Government runs their own service commissions to run administrative setup efficiently.

 Federal Public Service
 Punjab Public Service
 KPK Public Service
 Sindh Public Service
 Balochistan Public Service
 Azad Jamu Kashmir Public Service
 Gilgit Baltistan Public Service

Competitive Examination Based Jobs:

3rd party examination service providers conduct testing process & sort things out, on behalf of employer. Here find list of all competitive 3rd party examination service providers.

 Open Testing
 Candidate’s Testing
 Universal Testing
 Punjab Testing
 National Testing

Job Hunt Sites for Gulf, UAE & KSA:

Gulf countries are the major employers of Pakistani workforce, catering all kinds of labor ranging from professional, corporate jobs to non-skilled labor jobs. Here is the list of major websites for job hunt in UAE & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia etc.


Government Portals & General Websites for Jobs:

List covering all general purpose, state of the art websites for job hunt. Including Government run jobs portal, newspaper job posting websites, specifically designed job sites connecting employers to potential employees & more general social media platforms.

 Punjab Job
 National Jobs Portal
 Paper Pk
 Paper Pk
 Pakistan Jobs
 Tip Top

Freelancing & Social Media Platforms:

Pakistan is one of the top 5 contributor in freelancing market, this list includes major websites for freelancers in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Philippines. Also including social media platforms now segmenting jobs for their users.

 People Per


This is a compiled list, not tentative or meant for any kind of trust guarantee. User is advised to assess legitness of every platform by his/ her sources, specially, comparatively newly launch freelance platforms.

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