How To Get Job You Love? |Successful Job Hunt Process & Strategies in 2022

Being jobless is such an unwanted and unpleasant experience most people need to go through in their journey towards making a stable career for themselves. While it is inevitable the process itself might not be that pleasant, smooth and wanted one, specially, if it goes on for a long time. It affects the un-employed individual not only in respect of income but also with respect to mental health. The longer the unemployment goes on the more severe the health effects can be; which include depression, anxiety & stress (Learn How To Handle Depression & Challenges In Life With 4 Easy Steps). Unemployed people also find themselves losing friends as well as their self respect. The more prolonged it becomes harder for them to find new job again, which partly because of loss of or outdatedness of skill over time.

Some people choose to be unemployed voluntarily, as they have saved enough money that enables them to quit their unfulfilling jobs & live comfortably while searching for a new one. While others are forced into joblessness due to circumstances such as; technological advancement which replaces human labor, or deficiencies of jobs in market or lake of updated skills etc. Unless if you are working in a high demand career, finding a new job can be a challenging & frustrating experience. While searching for a job you normally end up getting tons of advice on what to do but unfortunately, most of them turned out ineffective. Well, it is no surprise since job searching isn’t just about applying for jobs and hoping to get called for an interview anymore. Only few people are able simply to put in an application, get an interview & land a job in today’s competitive network driven job market. The most successful job seekers utilize a variety of strategies for effective job hunt.

These proven job hunt strategies will help you to find job you love like a professional.

1. Customize Your Resume & Cover Letter

Your resume is the primary document for your job hunt. Avoid keeping one CV for all purposes. It should be of prime focus for you to take some time against every opportunity, to update your resume & cover letter as per requirement of job that you are applying for. A resume or CV (Know The Difference Between Resume, CV & Portfolio) is used to make a favorable first impression on perspective employer. Without a favorable initial impression a perspective employer is likely to stop considering you for further process and move onto next suitable candidate for job with better resume. When creating your resume, purpose to create a targeted resume or an achievement oriented resume that highlights your accomplishments that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Ask any knowledgeable third party which may be your friends, colleagues, fellows, supervisor, teacher or some online platform to evaluate & proof read your resume & cover letter for unidentified errors. This will save you the embarrassment of formatting or grammatical mistakes that may go unnoticed to you while preparing. You may also refer to resume builder tools for customization & redesign of your old CVs & cover letters.

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2. Develop & Grow Soft Skills

Being unemployed not all that bad, when you know the strength & importance of layoff and refuel time. In modern times, only functional skill is not enough for career growth. Soft skills not the secondary skill anymore. If a job applicant wants to pace up his or her career or wants to get recruited in good organization, he/she must have to work on his/her soft skills. Top skills required for today’s job market are; communication, negotiation, adaptability, team work, critical thinking, social skills and creativity. The future workplaces will heavily rely on soft skills. A study by Deloitte Access Economics predicts that “Soft skill-intensive occupations will account for two-thirds of all jobs by 2030”.

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3. Know Your Career Goals

Start by identifying what type of career do you want? Be clear, honest & true about what you want, why you want and what qualifies you? This self knowing process is as important for subsequent jobs hunters as well for new entrants. To answer these, someone must have clear realistic goals (SMART Goals), plan how you intend to reach & what qualifies you for seeking career path.

4. Create a Plan

Job hunting is a fulltime job in itself. It is not just about finding employers emails and sending one purpose resume to all. It is more about structured behavior all-to-gather. Experts suggests even an employed person should spend fifteen hours in job search activities per week & an unemployed person should spend double amount of time. It is therefore important to organize and schedule for job hunting. Identify key points like ideal time frame, types of entities you would likely to work for, what sort of universal information and customized information to kept in resume and when will to perform job searches.

5. Search For The Right Job

Jobs should be tailored to your interests, your career goals and your skill set. Define search criteria, which will save your time and going to make your time more efficient. There are number of ways to hunt right job including; companies job opening searches, general job portals, attending job fairs, contacting career councilors, approaching colleagues & teachers etc.

The biggest question to ask really is ” How passionate am I in the job I am applying for?” Don’t apply for jobs or companies you’re not going to enjoy!

6. Research Your Target Companies

This is particularly important when you are applying for specific job posted by a specific company with detailed JD requirements. Research thoroughly before applying, so that you can tailor made your cover letter with the requirements of given employer. Researching will also enable you to decide whether you want to work there or not; decision based on their culture, public reputation, benefits, career growth, products & services and work environment.

Prepare your own Employer Survey Questionnaire.

7. Use Your Network

Networking is establishing and nurturing long term mutually beneficial relationships. A large and cooperative network can create more possibilities for jobs. Irrespective of ‘equal employer’ movement, it is the most pertinent mean to find job. Experts recommends more successful people are the most connected one.

8. Apply With Confidence

Never ever underestimate your value. If your skill set is suitable for required job, then try to convey your compatibility and your past performance in that respect with emphasis on how quick you are able to process things.

9. Try Informational Interviews

It is sort of informal interview between job applicant and someone who works at a company that they want to be part of. It is usually due to successful networking, which creates opportunity to learn more about particular job from someone already there. Prepare specially for your strengths and weaknesses. Present your weaknesses as if they are your strengths, I called such weaknesses as deemed weaknesses.

10. Ace The Interview

Prepare yourself well. Before interview develop answers to commonly ask interview questions. Your friends, colleagues or interview coaches can help you with mock interviews. The more prepared are you the more comfortable you will be and the more likely you will succeed. Dress appropriately and smartly on the day. Be punctual and focused more on your strengths. Work on thank you at the end, which focus more on your rightness for the applied job.

Practice Perfect Elevator Pitch.

11. Follow Up

Continue Following Up With The Hiring Managers for a reasonable amount of time. If possible, collect visiting cards and contacts of everyone you meet during interview (s). Contact them and ask them about status and promote your candidacy.

12. Be Patient In Your Search

The search for right job may take longer than you expect. Experts recommend to wait for 8 days, even after fastest interview process and for 60 days for jobs with slowest and session based interview processes.

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Job hunting can be hectic and tiring. But with some patience, focus, right preparation and search; anyone can turn his or her miseries other way around. Un-employed times are actually the refueling time for someone. Therefore, always try to upgrade your knowledge & skill set along with searching and approaching for right most job.

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