How to Overcome Challenges & Problems in Life

It seems that we’ve been measured throughout our life. We have been measured right from our birth with height and weight till our time of death with bank balance, wealth and how much we leave. These society set standards, milestones and averages almost use in every phase of our life, to declare ourselves successful or failure.

With social media revolution, our society now becoming more opinion centric, rather than support centric. People are becoming more expressive and open about things, happening with or around them. Now people are sharing every little aspect of their life, every little achievement with some sense of exaggeration. We are becoming more materialistic; comparing achievements with things like medals, certificates, cars, properties, reviews, comments, likes, smartphone, clothes etc.

Consequently, we are pushing our current generation in a never ending spiral of performance pressure. Everyone comparing them with almost everyone around them. First, this is creating stress, performance pressure and ultimately depression. Secondly, no one is giving them time to think about their positives, their strengths, their resources & their abilities.

Here is some helping steps and tips for all of us, which can push us out of this vicious cycle of comparisons:

Forget about things haunting you

Forget about your past & others. Forget about anything holding you back; which can be your unsuccessful past or may be successful past. Ignore people around you; those who are achieving too fast or even with those who are way below under your level. Don’t compare yourself with pre set standards either imposed on you by your family, fellows, peers or colleagues.

Focus on finding yourself

Sit down, take a break and make a mind map of where I needed to go and decide who I needed to be? Don’t ask anyone, ask yourself; what you want to do, what you can do, what is your strengths, what resources do you have, what are your talents, what is your interest, what suits you, what can make you happy, who is your potential help?

Decide your own standards and set your own averages

Set your own averages and built your own standards. Set small targets, built little by little. Keep in mind, if you are lacking in something, then you must know that you are way better in so many other ways. Try to take positive from every situation, minus negative out of everything. If anything bad happen, take it as a just small bad chunk of a day. Attitude is to think like, that was a bad small chunk of a day, therefore, whole day shouldn’t be ruin. Take progressive baby steps, and compare those steps with small set targets. As those small achievements will built your confidence gradually.

Speed up decision making process

Quicker you move on to what’s next, the quicker you can start attacking and exploring things. Speed up your decision making process, by eliminating all less important and irrelevant details. Fill your bucket only with important and relevant stuff. Like if you can’t stop yourself to check other people achievements on social media, then unfriend them or to extreme leave social media. As Bill Gates said, “6 month of hardcore focus alignment can put you 5 years ahead in life.” To make quicker and effective decisions you can find one of my article here.

So, what are you waiting for? Stand up and push yourself out of your comfort zone and leave life of bits and pieces. Set your own goals and find self actualization.

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