Legendary Ten Success Rules by Sachin Tendulkar

The only player with 100 international centuries, 30,000 runs and most number of international cricket matches 664. He is Indian Cricket Legend Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the most complete batsman game have ever seen. He was the part of 2011 Cricket World Cup Team.

Here is 10 life rules from the the most Humbled, ICC hall of Famed and Disciplined legend of all times:

Have Confidence

First admit this reality of life that failure and success comes in package. Therefore, you must have to be prepared to go through all outcomes. All you need to do is to have self believe, that can lead you through all thick and thin. If it is a success, don’t make it your weakness and if it is a failure then forget about it and move, by just having confidence on you.

Be a Good Person First

His father advice him, “Try to be a good human first, as all things in life are temporary. Your career, your fame, your age, your beauty all will fade out with time, but only thing remains is your character.” Keep in mind, only thing last is your character and your doings. Therefore, impart a good lasting impression on world.

Always be Prepared & Disciplined

Always be prepared to the best of your ability. Consider controlling the controllable, and forget about things you cannot control. Always try to give your 100%, as this is the only thing that is purely in our hand. Inspite of his stature in team, Tendulkar used to practice for same hours before match and in off season, as he used to practice in his early days.

Don’t Give Up

Mind it, in tough times only tough men last. Diamond made through complex process of time, pressure and polish. Identify your strengths and move through all kind of times. Tendulkar with one aim to win a world cup for his country, never able to accomplish this dream in 5 world cup campaigns, until 2011. Inspite of his monumental performances in loss causes, he never gave up on his dream.

Execute Your Plans

Step out of circle of thinking, planning and may be your past and do what you have to do or do what you are meant for. Execute your talents & abilities to the best. Sometime we feel stuck in life due to our obsession with perfection. Only doing can take you out of this spiral of obsessive thinking.

Chase Your Dreams

Don’t compromise on your dreams, they do come true. You may find them late, but they are there for you, just push yourself with one more step. Tendulkar himself wait for World Cup win for 21 years. Don’t find excuses, if you want to achieve big. Mind it, bigger dreams require bigger sacrifices. Therefore, you must have to have strong EQ, courage & consistency.

Follow the Right Path

First identify your passion and then follow what your abilities are meant for. Don’t look for shortcuts, there going to be tough phases in your path. It doesn’t matter if you fail following the right path. You are at win as long as your heart giving you the yes.

Be a Team Player

Put aside all your egos and be a part of your team as a true team player. Mind it team achievements are the collective effort of all players. Respect team goals, appreciate other performing and chip in to support their form to achieve bigger goals as team. Let down your personal motives for greater team goals. Live true essence of team playing.

Compete Hard & With Respect

Believe that you can’t win all games in life. When there is failure and you’re faced with challenges, sport teaches us how to get back to our feet and compete harder with the right spirit. It’s all about try try again. Furthermore, respect everyone, who took part in your making. Sachin always admire his school and first class coaches, who selflessly worked with him to build a solid foundation.

Aim to Be a Legend

Don’t play for personal milestones, play for bigger cause. All things, all little benefit forgone will ultimately come in baggage with bigger achievements. Dare to dream big and try to act like a legend.

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  • November 30, 2020 at 6:48 pm

    Our pride. Love and thanks for appreciation of our legend!

  • November 30, 2020 at 6:51 pm

    Respect ?
    Thorough gentleman from India Alongwith Rahul dravid, luxman


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