5 Powerful Leadership Lessons from World Business Leaders

From stone ages to highly competitive current times,role of effective leaders are becoming increasingly important day by day now. Therefore, first we have to differentiate between today’s typical management and leadership roles.

Simply we can define management as streamlining given facilities to get things done in time as per given set of rules. On the other hand, leadership is the act of influencing and inspiring the efforts of the people towards the achievement of certain goals. The essence we can see here is that management is about getting things done and leadership is about influencing and followership. Leadership is action not position.

As we have established some basic key understandings above, now we are summarizing top 5 essential leadership skills to have in current, ever changing workplace environment:

Have Empathy

The much needed ability to have in current materialistic times. It is much better to pointing them their strengths than telling them they don’t have any. Mind it you are here to helping people not hurting peoples. When we care less about our people, they become careless.

Having empathy, positivity around will help you improve too. If anyone under performing, confronting your goals, then try to figure out route cause of this behavior, not just certificating them as failure, harsh or rude etc. This emphatic environment counts for everyone, as it will give sense of safety and surety.

Simon Sinek: An optimistic trained ethnographer and author of management books and skills.

Serve Un-Conditionally

If you want to build a long lasting, result oriented team then impart your part and service unconditionally. Give your team true sense of service. Build a conducive caring work environment to help others. This will increase retention and build a problem solving, highly bounded team.

Tony Robbins: An American professional trainer, life coach and media Content producer.

Always be Growing

Your outer side will only get better when you grow your inner side. Be open to failures, which you will get during the process. Know the law of attraction, that you will act like an iron magnet which attract iron particles toward itself. Same like you will ultimately attract like minded people to build perfect team you are soughting after.

Therefore, this attraction only starting whenever you progressively change yourself. Build a continuously evolving environment by building continuous development platform. For a personal development, read & listen in your field, attend seminars and discuss ideas in your business master mind groups.

Brian Tracy: Businessman, life coach & best selling author of professional books.

Energize Others

The only job of a boss is to raise entire intellect of his team to an entire new level. Find every excuse to celebrate, to cherish and to admire others. Every little achievement count. This title of leader, only are for those who can energize and appreciate others.

Jack Welch: Ex- GE CEO with unmatchable track record of success.

Build Healthy Work Environment

Build organization around ideas, problem solutions, not hierarchies or committees. Apple was claim to be the flattest structure organization with anyone encourage to come up with virtually anything. This structure must have to have supporting, encouraging and collaborative environment to flourish. Leader shall envisaged strong why factor in his/her team with no one discourage to raise questions. You got to trust people with their parts.

Steve Jobs: Tech genius of modern times & late chairman, co-founder and CEO of Apple Incp.

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    Steve was more practical and to the point. RIP


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