Top Five Professional Ethical Rules and Principles from True Events Based Movie-The Post

A classic presentation inspired from true events including three of the most respected legends from Hollywood; Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, directed by Steven Spielberg.

Movie showed how Government machinery used media and hide facts to manipulate their people regarding Vietnam War, and how this cover up initiated war of information between print media rivals. Further, showed how PR with political elite can be a cumbersome headache, for anyone in relationship with them. Also gave us lesson about how to respect and place our civic duties on above all relations.

If you are history lover and interested in factually accurate presentation then this movie will serve the purpose. Here is my top 5 take outs from The Post 2017:

Power is a Responsibility

Government behavior towards fact hiding and use of media lobby for selective reporting showed us, how easy it is for anyone in power to manipulate people. Further, how sensitive and vulnerable democratic structure is. Therefore, we always must know that with great power comes great responsibility.

This also can apply on today’s world of fast information, where we see many social media stars with millions of followers. In the age of fake news, this seems more relevant and relatable to all of us. Being star, it should be our priority to discourage spreading of fake news. We must have to first check, confirm and then disseminate any important piece of information.

Always Stay Professional

Always be on your best professional behavior, regardless of how pressured and intimidating situation is? Don’t sacrifice on supremely important values of professional competence and objectivity. Specially, in the time of crisis or pressure, stick to your best professional behavior. Don’t blame others for your failure; because others success not necessarily mean your failure.

Don’t Compromise on Values

Whenever matter of choice arise between any ethical dilemma and profession, always go with true values of honesty, integrity, care and due diligence.

Don’t be impressed or influenced by anyone position, status, money or power. Be impressed only by humility, generosity and trueness of someone. Whenever matter of supreme importance affecting public at large arise, come out of the box and raise your voice.

Compete Hard

Another aspect we can learn from the movie that the don’t be let down due to temporary failures. We see the intense information war between New York Times & Washington Post. Particularly, this also shows how we can always comeback even after our defeat.

For matter of survival and to retain your position of market leader, always try to stay ahead of your competitor. Sell what they are not selling, present what they cannot present and research what they are not covering. This is also important, even if you are not in a position to compete by working hard, dreaming big and staying true to your purpose.


Conviction is sticking to your beliefs and what you are thinking right. This is not stubbornness in which any person stick to his wrong belief in spite of knowing the bad. Mind it strong convictions to your goals and aims, precedes great actions.

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