Power of Positive Thinking- Unleash Your Potentials for Greater Success

A normal person, living in these times, now have more facilities than any emperor of past. We have more money, more earning opportunities, more entertainment sources, more & swift travelling facilities and more social connections. But wait for a moment & think; Are You Really Happy? Yes this is an uncomfortable question, but what if this hard question can lead you to better, joyful and real solutions? We often feel our lives would be better if we had more money, more free time, more friends, more luxuries or a different job. This may give us temporary comfort or joy, but that is not really how happiness works.

This article is specifically work out for people feeling overwhelmed by their boundaries, jobs, relationships, responsibilities & routine. Also this will be a light house for entrepreneurs searching for inspiration & life motivation.

Your Thoughts Shape Your Reality

The world famous law of attraction says; your thoughts & wants attracts the like, mean if you thinks positive you will attract positive and if you thinks negative you will attract the negative into your life. It is not a scientifically proven fact but psychologically speaking this is a kind of reality that shapes our life. But it is not mostly the case in our life; inpsite of our positivity we don’t attract comfort, ease & positive in life. Say you are a positive employee or a team man and you are doing your work efficiently, diligently and with high team spirits; yet at the end you don’t get appraisal bonus, or don’t get appreciation to deserves, or some other took credit of your workings. This creates more confusion in life and proves to be demotivating. Then how can we fix this shortcoming of what we called law of attraction?

First we have to accept the limitation of law of attraction; that only thoughts don’t attract what we expects. Second, yes we have to be positive but we also must have to be positive by act, we name this as law of vibration. According to law of vibration; when anyone radiate positive & joyful energy, his or her reality become positively charged and this someone attracts positive things in life. This is a slight modification which add action into law of attraction. Your little positive acts are like vibrations which then influence the world around you; like in real science, when an atom vibrates, the atoms around start vibrating at the same frequency. Action speaks louder than words & thoughts.

Therefore, step out of your self delusional world and be an initiator; ask people you have problem with, try make an apology first and forgive others without expecting their apology first. Then you can see how your doings dictates world around you for more better, joyful & positive environment.

Need a solid foundation for your big life goals. Build a solid action plan.

Recharge Yourself

Whenever, you feel down or exhausted with your routine or life. Try to take breaks; it can be routine 15 minute breaks from continuous office work or from marathon study routine, or can be a vacation or holiday break. Because humans draw their emotional energy from other people and environment around. When things are going badly, summing positive vibes from your surrounding can change how you feel.

Therefore, in order to vibrate higher with good frequency, first you should surround yourself with positive people and natural environment. Second, try to adopt confident positive body language. Research shows that smiling, even without any reason to smile, gives you feel good body chemicals known as endorphins. Third, you might need to take break from continuous engagements & socializing. It is absolutely normal and don’t think this action as anti-social tactic. Finally, try to spend some time in nature; this will give your body & mind a boost. Greenery, sun and natural beauty are the three main things to stabilize your mood.

Try to Cut Negativity Out

Same like positivity & positive vibes, we face two types of negativities in our life . One is within our self and other is from negative people around. Cutting of negative one’s from life is easy as compare to eradicating negativity from own self. Have a look at our common behavioral patterns; we justify our bad doings and don’t give other people chance on their bad doings, rather we blame others for how they have interpreted our behavior. Similarly, bad environment or negative people around you can make you negative, and can leave you feeling hopeless, weak & insecure.

Self evaluation, self criticism & taking responsibilities by far the most difficult task for anyone. The right & mature way is to respect others feelings and accept your bad doings with the intention to do better next time. Although, this might seems impossible or too difficult; but mind it taking responsibility, admitting your doings and cutting toxic people out are the most important part of self love. You are giving your conscious mind a strong message that you deserve better than toxic mindset & behavior, whether it comes from you or from environment or people around you.

Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence.

Dr. Bilal Philips

Love Yourself & Abilities

We are living in the age of rapid information & presentations from brands, influencers and celebrities. We see & follow every aspect of their lives through social media and news channels. We idealize them, their life style and their achievements. Due to this, we are comparing everything almost everytime now. We compare mobile specs, products, discount stores, cars, life styles and dangerous of all we compare ourself with others. During this comparison we don’t see our limits, our strengths, our boundaries and our facilities.

Another impediment creating misery in our lives are thinking too much about what others think about us. We think too much into what others think about ourselves, do they respect us, do they admire, do they like us etc? What we forget during this comparison is that whether we love ourselves or not? What we need and what we can do? This attitude comes from insecurities within ourselves and create continuous dissatisfaction in life.

Solution for all these, comes in simple 3 steps; first stop comparing yourself with others, second, embrace your limitations and third love yourself. This self acceptance & self realization will give you true happiness and satisfaction. Don’t change yourself just to seek appreciation of the people. Be yourself and you will attract the right people and the right opportunities. As per law of attraction, the rule is simple; if you don’t love yourself, others will not going to attract towards you.

Be You, The World Will Adjust.

Life & Motivational Quotes From Life & Motivation Blog Bilal Says

Choices Are Upto You

Human mind divided into conscious and sub-conscious state. Conscious mind is responsible for all your thoughts, emotions, feelings and information that you are aware of. On the other, sub-conscious mind holds for your beliefs, reactions and assumptions that exist below the surface. You can think of your conscious mind as your garden and your unconscious mind as the soil that your garden grows in. It is upto you to sow either the seeds of joy or the roots for unhappiness & dissatisfaction. You either have helpful or unhelpful beliefs, which then flourish either joyful serene garden or a toxic barren wasteland. Even the richest soil, if left uncultivated will produce the rankest weeds.

Start this process by reviewing your own belief system. Check whether you are a believer of predestined life or life of choices. Because mostly believer of predestined life believes more in good or bad luck, rather than believing on turning things by their own. Due to this system, a person sees other as lucky one and unlucky one to create some kind of excuse for their own shortcoming or failure. Second, ask yourself whether those beliefs are positive or negative. Will they improve your life or hold you back. Now cut those loads from your back for longer journey towards success.

Don’t spend your life being imprisoned by a belief system that limits your potentials.

Vex King author of self help book Good Vibes, Good Life 2020.

Idea & Passion Are Mandatory

Positive thoughts and beliefs are important but your reality won’t change unless you couple them with positive timely actions. We also have tendencies to find lame excuses on our failures or under achievements in life. They tell themselves that there are too many barriers to achieving their dreams or they don’t have enough time, resources, help or expertise. Mind it, this attitude is the only difference between people who achieve high and people who fails or led ordinary life.

Successful people have strong grit which doing things even when you don’t feel like it, or don’t feel motivated or inspired. The solutions is to first prioritize your life goals and be prepared to sacrifice your comfort zone. Then break your bigger goals into small tasks. Every small task completion will give you confidence and continuous motivation to do again & again and more & more.

Every pain and every disaster carries opportunities.

Bilal Says | Life & Motivation Blog for Self Help & Personal Development

Be A Stable One

World around us is changing faster than we think or expects. Some things are within our hands; like having & keeping positive mindset and controlling our actions. But somethings are out of our control and reach. We can never entirely take control of the world around us. This limitation might create some painful or bad experiences in our lives. Here comes our self love attitude to help us see things objectively & rationally. Because if you choose to always see yourself as a victim or person with bad luck; your vibrations will always stay at a low frequency. In other words, life will keep treating you like a victim.

On the other side, if you see every mishap as opportunity for personal growth and self development; you can look forward to better things happening in the future. Because bad events and memories passed, only scars left. Which tells how strong you are, how you go through that happening and how mature you are now. Tell yourself; this is not happening to me, this is happening for me. As Aristotle said everything happens for a reason. You might not see it at the time; but when you look back at later stage, you see how those good or bad events have influenced your development.

Actionable Notes:

Think positive, surround yourself with great like minded people and take small steps towards bigger goals. In summary life is great & a precious opportunity to share & care. You are stronger than you think. Rule is simple, good vibes good life.

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