What is 5G Internet and How it Will Change the World?

One thing that is certain about our world is change. Believe it or not, think about it or not, be a part of it or not; we all are or going to be affected by all such changes happening very fast around us. The main ingredient of change is technology. Now practically information technology driving world and beyond. The biggest hot topic of the time is arrival of 5G technology.

This informative article is designed to cover all possible aspects of 5G. What is 5G? What will be the speed of internet? How every aspect of our life will going to change? How 5G era will look like? How it will shape the future? Why USA & China is on 5G war? What risks 5G carry? What all conspiracies about? Lets start our quest for technology:

What is 5G Technology and What Will be the Internet Speed?

5G or fifth generation internet bandwidth is a real game changer, practically for everything and will be the connective tissue to the future wireless universe. It will be the savior of all connectivity problems. Generally, we measure internet generation from its search speed or downloading speed. But it is way way more than that. It is our key to fully wireless future.

Still, here is some amazing facts about 5G internet speed and how fast downloading will be? Response time of 4G was 0.0045 milliseconds which will going to reduce to 0.001 milliseconds in 5G; which is 400 times faster than blink of an eye. Downloading speed of 2 hours standard blue ray movie in 3G was 26 hrs, in 4G is 6 minutes and in 5G it will be 3.6 seconds. Further, it is 20 times more faster than 4G internet.

How Elite of Information Technology Will Going to Rule and Shape Our Lives?

I deliberately using term elite of IT which are artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, cloud computing and augmented realities. This will enhance our interactive experience and can show us world and angles not seen before.

Imagine; we can watch a live football match on the move from any angle we want, or a factory production line run by machines control remotely from our smartphone, interacting with fashion brand retail from our couch by checking and wearing items through augmented reality, driver less jumpo jets transporting passengers, youngsters making career in e-sports, communicating houses, shopping malls capturing, interpreting our every move and giving us personalized recommendations based on data gathered, and cities where everything communicates.

All examples are just very few examples to give some insight. One thing is very much sure that world is going to change, will going to transform; therefore, we have to embrace such change and adapt to it. Because this is the only way forward for us.

What Opportunities Will Rise?

We are officially in 4th industrial revolution, which specifically is informational technology revolution, thanks to 5G. Every new things create its own possibilities and threads. But in this case rule is simple, more speed brings more possibilities. It means higher data caps, faster speeds, low latency, greater bandwidth, personalized web experience based on network slicing.

It is estimated that in coming 2 decades, 5G will generate 12 Trillion USD to world economy. Will create new fields, hence will create millions of new jobs. We are going to see boom in the field of data sciences, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, driver less transportation and internet of things operating from production to order deliveries etc. Network slicing can bring revolution for businesses by enabling them to establish their own personalized data centers for more data gathering and analysis. 5G internet bandwidth can handle 1 million devices per square km as compare to 100,000 devices in 4G.

Risks of & Conspiracies About 5G

Whenever new things come; there arise uncertainties, conspiracies and threads. Arrival of 5G is no exception. Major concern is about loosing millions of jobs in lieu of automation of production, supply and distribution. Also cost of establishment is very high; it demands complete revamp of telecommunication sector.

There is also concerns about hazardous effect of high potential electromagnetic waves on human health. We see protest in London against 5G, even during strict lockdown. Protestors were promoting that there is no corona virus there, rather all this is due to 5G and its effects on health. But nothing conclusive proven against health effect of 5G.

Battle Between China & USA

Inspite of all surprises, benefits and opportunities that 5G carry. It is more than any technological upgradation. It is actually a power game. Who ever has it, will rule and control the world. Take the example of China vs USA. This battle for 5G license has three aspects; jobs, money and power. Even though 5G Mobile Broadband Standards (MBS) introduced recently. China has already submitted their 6G applications, regardless of widely adaptation of earlier technology.

Just to understand American perspective and interest here is some amazing figures from their last upgradation. Earlier this decade 4G gave their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) a boost of USD 100 Billions, which is expected to be USD 500 Billion if they win 5G battle and will create 3 Million new jobs.

But after realizing their unavoidable defeat, USA black listed Chinese tech giant Huawei on the basis of spying allegation for Chinese agencies. Experts says still China is way ahead in this war of information. Because one thing is establish that who ever going to have information hub; will going to rule the world. Because holder of 5G will have access to everything.

Who is Leading 5G Availability Game?

As of last quarter of 2021; South Korea is leading the 5G & 4G availability game with 28.1% & 98.3% reach of both respectively. This shouldn’t be surprise for anybody as South Korea stays always in broadband game. They even establish earlier, their economy around 2G, 3G & 4G connectivity. Surprising entries in this list are from Middle East with countries like Saudi Arabia & Kuwait.

For reference & compact analysis, infographic working from One Signal/ Statista is attached:

Graph and list of countries using 5g
List of Countries Providing Wide Access to 4G & 5G Technology.

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  • December 25, 2020 at 5:43 am

    USA always believe in foul play. I believe 5g is only a start to new world and also a world with more insecurities

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    Looking forward into modern world

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    Only technological advancement is our way forward

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    The biggest risk is leakage of information and personal data

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    We already in information war. Only looser will be those not taking these advancements seriously

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    I checked live video demonstration of 5g in dubai expo. That was amazing. Good article

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    A bit dilema how to check 5g mobiles in country with no 5g facility?

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    Lets see when it will come in Pakistan


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