Genius Top HR Rules From Apple & Its Co-Founder Steve Jobs to Retain & Develop Employees

Apple is the biggest and first ever company in human history which cross 1 trillion dollars market capitalization threshold at the start of 2020. If we suppose Apple as country, then it could be the 8th biggest economy. Fostering environment of competitiveness and creativity. No one can imagine such wonders from once a struggling company.

Apple’s core policies were heavily inspired from Steve Jobs creative and ahead of times theories. Today’s HR leaders face pressures to attract and retain talent amid tight labor markets and shifting workforce expectations and to develop leadership and organizational capabilities to respond in agile ways to increasingly dynamic and competitive business environments.

This list will help you to better understand your employees, hence will increase productivity and retention:

Focus on Quality

Business must have to go back to basics which is improving and investing in HR quality rather than mere marketing claims of quality. Quality not only includes highly skilled employees but also includes their understanding and application of soft skills.

Only environment with the sense of collaboration and care sustain. This helps more retention with problem solving environment.

Work With The Best

Look and hunt for best people to work with. If you look for ordinary peoples or people below than you, you will be stuck in group of midgets. Hire well and retain them by giving admiration and facilities they wanted. Best people always require best everything to produce the best.

Appreciate Your Team

The most ignored part in general. Appreciation is the fundamental for talent retention. Today’s When he said do visit Apple retails and give a hug to Apple employees, he truly want to give a gesture of admiration to his employees of their hard work. He also set the standard of appreciation by accepting difference of opinion openly and supportively. Steve claimed that Apple is the flattest organization with virtually no limit to anyone to participate with ideas and suggestions.

Stay Focused on Your Mission

Ignore all criticism around and be focus on your mission. You will face criticism during all through your journey, just close your eyes and shut your ears and jut down to your goals. Lets your achievement speaks for you.

People working in Apple Incorporation have strong believe system that they are creating value for world. The sense of I am doing something great create strong sense of affiliation towards work and society as a whole.

Create Futuristic Challenging Work Environment

Sustainable brands are always futuristic not only in their product development but also in their working environment. Futurism not defined by gadgetries but rather with vision to lead.

Best people always love to have challenge when set by proper limits and admiration.

Support Distributed Leadership

Apple do believe on effective leaders rather than successful leaders, with prime focus on performance benchmarking and getting the job done through willing & voluntary cooperation. Distributed leadership enable succession planning and well prepared fresh blood to take over successors legacy.

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