Top 11 Rules For Impactful Success by Muhammad Ali

One of the greatest sportsman of the twentieth century with unmatchable records. Known for his game, social activism, humanitarian work and bold stances against racial prejudices. He won Olympic Gold Medal in Light Division in 1960 and 1st boxer to win Heavy Weight Championship for 3 times. He lived his life like a standalone warrior and die like a hero.

Here is his top rules for success in sports and life:

Defy Rules

Whenever retarded system whether in boxing or in life, bound him to follow, he set his own rules. Countries, Governments and promotors want him to play for them but he choose whatever he thinks fit. He defy old school of thoughts to set his own textbook, his own set of rules to achieve unprecedental and paramount success. Now boxing is defined, ruled and remembered by Ali’s name.

Think Differently

The actual reason why people don’t come out of their boxes are mainly fear. Fear is a gap between perceived mentality and logic. If you up your mentality to high positivity, perception and logic then you overcome your fear and can unleash hidden potentials. So think differently, high your bar!

Have a Big Vision

Make small sacrifices if you have can, to achieve bigger goals. If you can sacrifice small short term gains for bigger goals of tommorow then certainly you can achieve those goals and live beyond anyone can imagine. Becuase bigger vision leads to bigger opportunities which come with bigger risks and bigger sacrifices!

Be Charismatic

Inspire others by showing your true self, your groomed self. Be original be simple and spread your aura wherever you go. Defy formalities, develop sense of humor and engage others.

Show Good Sportsmanship

Don’t cash vulnerability of anybody, becuase this define your true greatness. Show support with tender heart, as a true sportsman, not even in game but also in every walk of life. Appreciate others whenever needed, with true sense of admiration. Guide whenever asked, believe no one can cross you, becuase everyone has their own path and own journey.

Have Confidence

Whenever you see highly confident competition, raise your bar of confidence above that level. In boxing people thought Ali’s competitors had punch down many boxers. But Ali saw them as as punchers not knockers. He aim to knock down them not just punch down. He set his bar high by practicing extra hours and by building smart moves. Work hard, work smart and play with your competitor mind!

Be Determined

Champion is the one who can come out at the last minute and close the show. After all, winner is not the one who lead the whole race, rather the one who finish with extra effort, consistency and determination. Muhammad Ali Clay once quoted that “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Fear None, But Almighty God

Inspite of threads to his life due to his struggle for social activism against racial injustices, he didn’t hire any bodyguard for protection. He said in an interview that only this firm believe in Almighty Protection gave him strength and confidence to fear none, because no one is able to take my life unless God Wishes it too.

Be Prepared to Handle Anything

Prepare your contingency plan first before anything to happen. Because a wise man carry his car tool kit before it stuck on road. Access things before doing anything and prepare for any possibility. Becuase best contingency plan have all course of possible actions!

Outsmart Your Competition

Pinch your contender, play with their mind, study them, research them and stay ahead of their game. As this will give you a leading edge on your competitor. If they love routine then stirr them in their comfort zone by disturbing their routine. Give them surprise everytime!

Stick to Your Game Plan

Reiterate your playing rules through your words through your actions to make lasting impact on your predators. Define your stance and stick to your grounds to give sense of impenetrable. Becuase sense of impenetrable can ease things for you, as no one will again try to breach that wall to confuse you or to outsmart you.

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  • November 25, 2020 at 6:11 pm

    Real hero and was a real inspiration indeed

  • November 28, 2020 at 5:31 pm

    An absolute goat. Proud muslim

  • November 29, 2020 at 5:25 pm

    Proud muslim he was. Love you always


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