Top Ten Self Help Rules For Personal Development

World is full of opportunities, yet really very few could find success out of these opportunities. Opportunities are of two types, one given by surroundings, family, God gifted trades, and country, which we can say gifted opportunities. These are not for everyone, these are for very few. But other kind of opportunities are those, which a human create by themselves. These own build happenings truly defines success. But catering things for success is not that easy. It requires courage, determination and will to develop own self. Therefore, for achievement of high goals in life; self help and self development are the basic factors. All other success factors are build on these foundational pillars.

When you knock on the door of opportunity, it is work who answers!

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Super Short Summary & List of Top 10 Self Development Rules:

  1. Don’t listen to the little man
  2. Take consistent daily actions
  3. Say no to distractions in life
  4. Face your fears and doubts
  5. Define and set your boundaries
  6. Deep study your craft
  7. Seek constructive feedback
  8. Think Bigger
  9. Be generous and helpful
  10. Be your best version

Want to do something difficult, something new, something amazing, something successful; follow these top rules for high results and greater achievements in life:

Don’t Listen to The Little One’s

Don’t listen to the people, who holding you back and who cannot contribute anything valuable in your life. If someone is saying it is impossible; take this as his or her impossible, not a hard rule. It is possible that, their impossible is not your impossible. It is sad, as this very attitude mostly held talented people back to do great things. Mostly such things are refer by people having fears, failures and under-achievements in life.

No matter where you are, keep working, keep doing and keep improving yourself. Success and fulfilment are going to come from your un-checked and un-tested abilities and potentials.

Take Action Consistently

Have a continuous working attitude. Don’t wait for things to happen. You have to actually show up to every day and inch yourself forward toward your dreams. This should not be a once in a while practice, but must have to be a consistent effortful small efforts. Not just research, not just thinking, but also support with initiative. Have a goal oriented consistent and daily steps. This will keep every single day momentum going. High achievers are not those who are lucky; they rather got there with their continuous efforts, best work ethics and smart habits.

No matter how small you start, start something that matters.

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Say No to Distractions

You should figure out what you desire in life and figure out steps led by a definite plan and minimize all other things in life. A perspective high achiever must be very clear about his or her mission. This clear cut mission will keep distractions at bay. When people are not clear about their mission and goals, they sometime took too much work & responsibilities for themselves; which mostly more harmful than helpful for their career or professional perspectives. Eliminating distractions and saying no to irrelevant are so important in this process, because it may damage your focus and focus always go out of the window, if there is no progress. Before going into more focused work, learn the art of saying gentle no.

Focus is build on continuous progress, because progress excites you and motivate you to do more and more in life. If life and career is led by well defined missions then at the end, it will give you ample time resources to utilize for things you have said no previously. My dreams should always have to be first.

Face Your Doubts

Doubt is the greatest enemy of our life, which is created by our fears. Fear of loosing and apprehension from people. What people will say? Take a moment and thought about it; who they are to judge my capabilities? Are they truly deserved to be the judge of your abilities? Don’t expect people to believe on you, rather first believe on yourself and have faith on yourself.

Faith is not mean the absent of doubt, in fact, it means believing in progress inspite of having all if and buts. Doubt should never prevent you from advancing, whenever you feel like advancing. Then have a trust on your abilities; trust that I can figure things out, trust that I can do this, trust that I can progress, even though doubt might be there. Lastly, have a courage to do things as per your targets. Whenever you get things right, you will get more competence, hence more confidence. Go express yourself and be in a competence-confidence loop!

Set Boundaries

Be more explicit in communicating your limits, your boundaries and your times. Don’t bleed more, when it is not required. Bleed here mean putting extra resources, time and efforts into things, which can be done by keeping things normal and on time. Set your boundaries, communicate with people and don’t go over and above your given boundaries or limits. This principle stance will help balance your life and career in every aspect.

What doesn’t get scheduled, doesn’t get done.

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Water Your Passion

As you have defined your mission, built a plan and get the courage to do things. Now study deep your craft. Go into depths of things you are doing or going to do. This habit will preserve you from going lost. If you are going into jungle, have an understanding of your map first. This preparation and understanding will lead you without getting lost in dark. Don’t rush and go into things without study about it.

You just have to pay attention, learn from the best, model the most smart, intelligent and successful people you can in any given area that you want to succeed in your life, before going into it. Then develop competency by doing it over and over again. Don’t do it once in a whole, here and there, just over and over again. That is how you get competence.

Get Constructive Feedback

Have a willingness to get feedback from constructive group of people; that will keep your dream practical and alive, because this will help you identify things to improve that was just in your mind before. It will also help you create self and social awareness that will help you to contribute and create at another level. Just arrange and sort peoples or group of peoples, who are relevant to your work and who can provide you valuable third party constructive feedback. Ask them and show them before launch of your ideas or work.

This habit always will keep you aware and on track. Based on these you can make rational, unbiased and correct decisions in life.

Think Bigger

Don’t judge or measure yourself based on your current competencies, current resources or current limits. Most people do that, they narrow their vision or their ambitions for tomorrow based on what they can do today or who they are today, without realizing they can develop their mastery, their skills, their competencies, their knowledge and their experience. So, never limit your ambitions, based on your position or current inadequacies.

The main things is to have your own ambitions , not the ambitions somebody told you to have. Because this is how most people stuck with their life, sometime we call this a corporate treadmill, which is living a life that is not even our own. Having own dreams and ambitions will liberate you. Define your individual ambitions; Decide who you want to become, what you want to do, what you want to contribute? Think bigger, think immense and think out of the box. There is no such things as out of your league, because you are immense, you are magnificent, you are powerful beyond your current understandings. Challenge your brain to think even bigger for yourself. You deserve something extraordinary in your life, but first you have to want it.

Be Generous

What is the key attribute greats have? It is not their unmatched abilities, talents or power they have. It is their generosity. It is not essentially mean to be generous with wealth or money; rather It means being generous with your time, your attentions, your mentorship, your character, your love, your patience, your care, your availability, your understanding, your belief, your experience and your energy. When you do such generous acts with people; they resonate and vibrate with those generous acts.

In today’s world were no one even care to say hello or appreciate something. This habit will help you standout, will create the difference and will light up your soul. In terms of your career, your profession and your life; just give unconditionally, you will receive. It is like a Third Law of Motion (in a bit modified form for relevance with our topic), every action has equal reaction. Go give people trust and give them self belief by appreciating their doings. Always cheering people on, always be rewarding and always help people to pursue their passion. This will help others to grow and will define your character.

Compassion you feel, kindness you do.

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Become Your Best Self

All the successful people in history, in today’s world and most probably the successful one of future are not successful, because of mere their demo graphs, their resources, their help, their wealth, their governments, their education or their skill. Rather it will come down to one thing for sure which is how do they manage their mind and how do they manage their days.

The main difference between successful and unsuccessful people is how they approach something new in life. Unsuccessful people mostly shows three key behavioral attributes towards approaching their big dreams:

  1. I don’t know how to do that, so they stop,
  2. I don’t have those things, so they stop,
  3. I am not like those people, so they stop.

On the other hand, successful people, push their limits and they get out of their comfort zone to test the best they can do. They search and find the solutions persisting beyond I don’t know to how can I do this. They put their current limitation into first item of their agenda. Whenever, they put their targets and mission on their agenda as to dos. Then they put their deliberate thoughts into winning action plan to find the solutions for their limitations. Be a master of your art!

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