Be a Focused & Productive Person by Learning the Art of Saying Gentle ‘No’- A Complete & Professional Communication Guide

Living in 21st century is not an easy time; it requires taunting load of contacts, commitments, multi tasking, continuous engagements and interactions. We are now socially open and connected 24/7. Now we are doing post, shares, likes, comments, emails, reviews, ratings, work from home and different time zone freelance work without limit to any time of the day. Which is not fun anymore.

But sadly all these continuous social engagements hurting our physical relationships, work efficiency and productivity. Also it is not easy to say no to your loved ones, your bosses, your colleagues and sometime to your business stakeholders. Specially if you haven’t done this practice in the past. It may feel awkward and bit selfish but remembered, at last it is only you who suffered with bombardment of commitments, expectations and work.

Here is your step by step, easy to do guide on the most important communication skill now a days:

Be The Polite One

We all have to understand that, NO not necessarily means an oppressive decline of an offer. We can say NO as per our need by remaining gentle and polite.

Know The Value of Your Time

Know the value of your time, your commitments and set priorities accordingly. We you starts to weigh your time, it becomes easier to say no. Whenever new commitments arise; you compare and adjust. Not to add new commitments if you are already engaged fully. Don’t insert new commitments into time of recreation and leisure. When you set your priorities right; no comes as natural response to anything less important. Include family, friends, exercise, meditation and recreation time into your priorities and set everything around your clock. Don’t compromise those luxuries with anything less important.

Whenever you start your work, put off all the interruption aside and jot down to things you prioritize and rank the most. In this time, shut the world around; there should be no spouse, no children, no friend, no twitter, no instagram etc.

Practice the Word No

To master the art of saying no, you should practice it. This practice will make process easy for you and you will realize it is way more easy to say no before sorry. This practice is for people who faces insisting behavior regularly. Just establish your stance and practice the art of gentle no every time. It will smooth things for you and will eliminate distractive peoples from your life.

Don’t be Apologetic

Learn to say no without giving explanation every time. You may thing apologizing is a polite thing to do, but it makes it sound weaker. You must have to be affirm and un-apologetic about guarding your time or saving your time. You can say no to working on weekends just by giving your reason of family time. No regret, no mistake, no embarrassment and no sorry there on. Simple is that!

You Can’t Be Nice to Everyone

Stop being nice to everyone around. Again it is important to be polite; but being vigilant about value of time, should be way more important and top priority for you. Put a stop on pleasing people, by saying no every time on repeat same questions. Sometime we caught up with false courtesy obsession that everyone is thinking about you; this is not the case most of the time. Just step out of those fallacies and draw your boundaries for everyone.

Saying the Hardest ‘No’

The hardest one is to say no to your bosses, close relatives and to your superiors. Issue is when we say yes to them every time; sometime we got stuck with more commitments, more requirements and more work. On the other hand, when we say no to them; then it seems as we cannot handle the work. But in fact, it is the opposite. It will be very fruitful for you to take stance that, taking too much commitments can reduce your work productivity, and that sound fair. Your no must be in form of brief current position.

This will prevent you from burn out and will increase your work productivity and will build your reputation. You will see the magic that sometime saying right no at the right time will earns you respect. People will start valuing your boundaries.

Pre-Empt The Request

It is a smart move to prevent any asking questions before it happen. Accessing the situation and factors leading to it, is the key in this situation. Say if you know that some more projects and commitments are going to impose on you in coming meeting. Prepare your points and present your position clearly to eliminate any doubt of others.

Give a Thought Before Giving ‘Yes’

If matter in question is important to you but not fitting into your time. Then give a deliberate thought and avoid abrupt no or leave a hook for others. Give them your clear stance that you will going to take consideration to matter in question and will get back to them. Make sure to follow back that offeror and try to grab their confidence.

Sometime, in not so sure situations, you got to do what you don’t want to do, to figure out what you want to do. Mind it, you are the master of your soul. You have to Make Quicker & Effective Decisions. Then opt whatever you are and whatever you achieved.

It’s Not Your It’s Me

Many time a project or a person is a good one, but not just right for you, particularly at that time. In such a situation, give them pleasant and appreciating no, rather than a straight no bargain type decline.

If you are in struggle to know How to Overcome Challenges & Problems in Life. Just sit and make a list of your No (es), set boundaries and prioritize your work. Step up and say no to mediocre life or to the people leading you to the mediocre life.

If you find this difficult, remind yourself that saying “no” allows you to say “yes” to the commitments you want to make.”

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