Top 5 Inspirational Lessons From The Life of Greatest Philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi

Edhi was the humblest humanitarian and founder of world’s biggest charity Edhi Welfare Organization. He widely considered as the world’s richest poor man. He was a father, saint and angelic figure for millions in Pakistan, same as Mother Teresa was for Kolkata. He born on 28 February 1928 in pre-partition India.

His story is a ray of hope and guiding path for people believe in social entrepreneurship and wants to run not for profit organizations and trusts. After partition he migrated to one of the poor area of Karachi with his mother. Where his mother suffered a paralysis attack and served his mother till her last breath. Inspired from his mother pains; he aimed to help poor people who can’t afford timely treatment. His devotion, dedication and selfless work was admired at every platform; from general public to government awards to UNESCO Peace prize to Linen Peace Prize and many more. But his true award was trust and love he got from his country fellows. He was the enabler, helper, servant and father of millions. He was the saint of his time. He died on 8th July, 2016 and buried with state owner in Karachi. His wife Bilguis Edhi and his son Faisal Edhi now running the whole setup with the same mission and vision to serve the unserved ones.

Orphanage Home Catering Millions of Childs

Some Brief & Glittering Facts About Edhi Foundation

Here are some prominent facts about Edhi Foundations & domain of work it is doing at large:

Line of Services: Currently Edhi Foundation is providing 12+ services including; ambulance services, hospital, children custody services, home & orphanage, educational funds and services, graveyard and mortuary for ownerless dead bodies, missing person services, refugee assistance, marriage bureau, free and open food centers, mobile hospitals for street animals, water supplies for drought affected areas and many more.

Accreditations, Recognitions & Awards: Guinness World Records declared Edhi Ambulance Services as the Largest Volunteer Ambulance Organization with 1800 plus fleet of ambulances. Based on its international charity work Foundation and Edhi was awarded many peace awards, few includes; Ramon Magsaysay Award, Linen Peace Prize, Dalia Lama Peace & Harmony Award.

1. Live Simple & Be Credible

Abdul Sattar Edhi

He was the simplest man with practically not much of own possessions. He advised and emphasized many times that only this way we can prevent extra expenses and can save our earnings for better causes and for better needs. He quoted many times that simplicity and austerity is a major success factor for me and for my foundation. Due to his credibility even poorest used to give him donations.

He was incorruptible super hero of millions.

2. Always Dream Impossible

Ambulance Fleet Picture In Front of Edhi Foundation Head Office

He used to aim and dream for big charitable service for poor and people living in remote under privileged areas, even when he had no penny in his pocket. He used to carry patients on cart wheelbarrow free of cost. Even at that time he aimed for big ambulance service for such patients. Then with growing reputation and good will, he took donations to borrow a redundant second hand pick up truck and converted into first ambulance of Edhi Foundation in mid 1950s.

After that there was no look back and served humanity relentlessly until his last breath, where his foundation was the world’s biggest ambulance service provider.

3. Serve & Love Unconditional

Edhi Education for Girls

He believed to serve the public even in extreme hardships and without any discriminations. He always took pride of being human. His unconditional love was not just for poor of the society rather he helped street animals too. He once quoted in interview that ‘You will find me among the people.’ Be a giver even if you have no money. Be a giver with your actions with your heart.

4. Have a Strong Self Respect

People Showing Love for Edhi

He used to take help from his country men but he never took any benefit from political elite or from any foreign think tank. He was a true patriot and he felt this ashamed to open his arms in front of any one else than his fellow country men. He took pride that even in bad days of country due to terrorism, he was donated graciously by; every sect, every province, every caste and every ethnicity. Due to this believe and self confidence, he served his people even living in remote and in danger areas.

Live Simple, Be a Hardworking Person, Be a Truthful One & Be Punctual

Abdul Sattar Edhi Quote for Success in Life

5. Be a Human First

He is Biggest Supporter for Women Rights

With heavy heart he used to quote we are everything but not human. He also believed that no religion is greater than or above humanity. Religious without act of kindness is a mere practice of rituals. Even he is serving after his death with donation of his eyes.

Be a human, bring out each other’s humanity. Get rid of hunger, get rid of poverty. Fix thousands of divisions between us. Don’t be materialist.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Quote for Selfless Help of Humanity

If you want to volunteer or want to make donations, feel human by contacting here Edhi.Org.

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  • January 27, 2021 at 8:26 pm

    No religion is higher than humanity. Thank God someone write about the greatest Pakistani. Great sayings by abdul sattar edhi


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