Control, Mold & Re-Target Yourself For Success

Top 10 Self Help Rules, Techniques & Tools

Human brain is the most precious, complex and unlimited thing in the world. What we are now and what we are going to be all is because of our brain. Our mind is a big dogma; at the same time it is unlimited and limited, it is the greatest and the worst, it is the happiest and the saddest. In a nutshell, brain define our whole life, our success, our fear, our failure, our attitude, our actions and our reactions.

But the good thing is we can rewire our brain anytime we want for better life and greater success. It just requires some deliberate thoughts on unfreezing things stored in our mind and update. If you are interested to overcome negative emotions, want to get out of depression and want to be more successful in life? Then follow these ten techniques and reprogram your mind for greater future success:


Start committing yourself with small details and doings in life, even setting the time for brush and reading only for 5 minute a day etc. At first it may feel tedious or boring or immaterial or may create agitation. But this small pattern building behavior will program you for more lengthy and complex tasks. Commitment to excellence, success & life goals not about one big goal; it is more about committing yourself to small achievable goals.

Enjoy the pursuit

A practical situation when may face in our life; whenever our team stuck with laborious and tedious work, someone cracked a joke and all of a sudden we feel fresh, recharged and reframed. The growth mind set in it’s true sense is the attachment of reward system to the effort process into bits. Whenever, we try to do big or complex things in life with attaching sense of reward to ultimate goal only; there is a risk that we may face burnout during the voyage.

Therefore, build small mental stations with refreshment or reward points, for reaching near by near. This will give you sense of achievement and build more confidence step by step. Set a growth mind set and always try to enjoy the effortful process of path of doing anything.

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Embrace stress

High functioning depression, stress and anxiety kills more humans then any disease, pandemic or accidents. We always misunderstood stress as a source of depression, anxiety and unfortunate carry over of something negative. But actually stress is wonderful; it actually activates our immune system and prevent us from many disease infections. Most important of all it prevent us from going into comfort zone. Proper handling of healthy stress can take us to many unfold places of success. Therefore, accept your circumstances and come out with better every time.

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Use Breathing Technique

Breathing is a powerful physiological tool for shifting one’s state; one because it is always available for voluntary control, two it controls our level of alertness very dramatically. This neuro science technique will help bring your mind and body into a more relaxed state. It is also a quickest tool for alertness; the faster you breath the more alert you are and slower you breath the more calm you are going to be. Before going into technique, first we have to understand neural structure of breathing process. Neural arc in brain stem that control breathing, is placed in a unique position that it’s at a boundary between conscious and sub conscious control.

The technique is whenever you get in state of shock, in stress or feel uncomfortable; just take two quick inhale and one extended exhale. This will release more carbon dioxide from your system & blood stream and will take more oxygen into your system. Why this double inhale followed by one extended exhale matters; because this is the fastest way to bring mind and body into a more relaxed state. So, whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed; just follow this technique and repeat if feel necessary.

Keep things in perspective

Irrespective of high and lows in life; stabilize your thought patterns to evaluate every given situation objectively. Add fun, learning and child like attitude of exploration in every given situation. Why I am emphasizing this? Because we see at certain age we tends to become more slow and our neural acceptance of new happenings got obsolete.

Therefore, we must have to have child like perspective in everything we confronts. We must have to welcome new things; whether good or bad, whether permanent or temporary, whether long term or short term. Only this way, we can enjoy life to it’s full and can avoid stuck in phase from life. If you want to change your life once in for all; stay light, stay loose, stay open, stay optimistic.

Understand your nervous system

Our nervous system is responsible for everything in life from birth to death. But mainly it does five things; it has responsibility of taking non negotiable physical sensations, then convert those sensations into perceptions, then focusing on main perceptions convert those perceptions into attentions, those attentions drive feelings, those feelings become thoughts, those thoughts then become our behavior or action.

Actions are of two types, reflexive actions, like breathing, heart rate etc and controlled actions; which is by adding conscious mind into actions, like deliberate breathing etc. The set of all five things; sensation, perception, feelings, thought and action really encompass all of our life experience. Therefore, give a deliberate thought and reprogram your fantastic five for better life experience.

Direct your brain for changes

Psychologically; depression, happiness, good time, bad time all are only state of mind, not actual things. State of mind it includes brain and body. Whenever, we say I’m depressed, I am sad, I don’t feel good, I’m bad, I’m lonely, I’m looser, I’m not good enough, then body going to manifest what the mind is telling you. Person with those manifestation seems to be shrink, underconfident & angry.

The way to get out of such situations are; first to use tools like early morning walk, day out in nature, meditation and more interaction with people who can help you step out of your dark zone; these tools are the most powerful natural antidepressants. Secondly, reprogram depressed mind with small steps. Those small steps can be doing something immaterial out of daily routine; which might be reading one column or building new skill daily etc. By doing those little changes you will feel definite self improvement in yourself gradually.

Change your view of the world

Our brain only has three filters from which every happening in our life goes through for interpretation and meaning. What do you think depends on how you feel; how you feel depends on how do you think? Usually, we react to something based on our map of experience, which is programmed stuff in our mind. If we need to change the way we live now, we have to revise our map of experience, certainly if our present is not so dreamed off place for us.


This technique may sound cliché in modern times of graphical information, from youtube to, tiktok to facebook to instagram. But reading still is a more committed approach towards structured knowledge seeking and information building.

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Reward Your Efforts

The thing at the end matters the most is to reward your efforts and not necessarily the outcome. It is not about saying I have a terrible day but anyway I am still great and ok; It is not about attaching your sense of reward to the ultimate goal. It is more about attaching reward to the fact that you are making action steps, that are in the right direction. The more you can reward the effort process the better off you are at building these kinds of tendencies to be able to lean into anything challenging in life.

Credits & Author Note: These rules, techniques and tools were derived from the workings of American neuroscientist & Professor of Sandford University School of Medicine; Dr. Andrew Huberman. These techniques and deliberate thoughts are the most important tool for brain development.

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