Top 15 Employer Survey Questionnaire

Know Your Prospective Employer Before Going Into Interview- Things To Do Before Every Job Interview

Going for job interview is not just about wearing suits and taking a well compiled file of; certificates degrees and copies of CVs. Interview mostly is your do and die chance for any job acquittance. To leave a solid first impression on interviewer; one must be well prepared about prospective employer. The more information you get the more confident and prepared you will be. Further, these pre asked questions will establish your priorities and considerations other than just salary or extrinsic benefits.

But the confusion is from where to & how to get such precise, accurate and to the point information? Well, our today’s topic is specifically designed to guide you about authentic sources to find relevant and key information. Before going into questions list, here is some do’s and don’ts while collecting information for your potential recruiter:

Search through authentic resources such as; employer’s own website, employer’s published reports, employer’s social media pages & press releases, linked In profile and direct inquiries from people already working or worked with them, specially in near future.Follow un-authentic sources, words of mouth, fake or unofficial statements/ news from social media groups or random pages, ex employees expelled due to their own misdoings or just own perception.
Quote relevant facts and figures when you are 100% confident about source and accuracy of your facts and figures.Quote when you are less sure, have doubts or not so confident about facts, figures and source credibility.
Weigh intrinsic considerations more than just cash benefitsJust look up for cash or extrinsic benefits
Prepare & ask questions only relevant for your job description, career prospects & job package.Ask or prepare irrelevant questions or questions confirming rumor based news or information.
Pre-requisites for employer survey research

As we knows the methods and sources to find relevant information. Here is our top fifteen must look after questions for your pre-interview employer research:

Q1. What are the history, vision, mission and core values of the organization?

These things sound bookish or just mere corporate statements; but still these things matter and establish organization’s stance & future sightedness. History of organization is the most important key factor to look into organization, their practices, their products, their progress, their milestones & how the evolve over time. One must check whether prospective employer vision & mission can lead them into progressive future or not. For more sensitive analysis check whether your potential recruiter is a corporate social responsible entity?

Q2. What career paths & progress does the organization offer in the area of your interest?

As far as personal & career development is concerned; these are the biggest asking? Say if organization is giving you more fringe benefits with no career growth & no clear cut success path, then this deal might prove fatal for your longer term career goals.

Q3. What are the job titles, job descriptions and roles/responsibilities assigned to
employees in the career path you wish to pursue?

Prepare well as to your skill set and be updated about latest developments in your field of specialization. Match your knowledge and skill set with provided job descriptions, roles & responsibilities. Spot where you can add more value to them, as this is the most anticipated question for every interview.

Q4. What are the salary scales, benefits and incentives offered by the organization?

One of the main reason to work with anyone is extrinsic benefits attached with any position. Because at the end we work for someone just to earn better livelihood. There is a possibility that; apparently your salary seems less, but when you combine all fringe benefits, facilities & retirement plans, you may see visible & key benefits. Therefore, first combine whole package items at then evaluate how these benefits will going to add more value into your life.

Q5. Who are the key individuals working for the organization? What are their qualifications
and competencies?

This very point establishes how corporate organization is. Because hiring qualified personnel shows professional organization culture. Further, by knowing who will be the bosses & manager and at what level of knowledge & expertise they are; Will automatically establish competitive, learning rich and progressive career path.

Q6. What is the outlook for the industry the organization operates in?

Ask and search for those questions, which will also give you helpful insights about future orientation of organization. Is it a progressing setup? Stand alone setup in given sector? At what stage of business cycle it is? What is industry or sector outlook? In which operating regime it lies? What is organization position in given industry or sector? Is it having some kind of competitive edge on others or not? Is it a market leader or market follower?

Q7. What are the culture & reputation of the organization & their founders like?

The most important question for your future career progress. As every organization on your portfolio will become asking question for you in future jobs. Therefore, always try to prefer market & society reputation of organization in question. Check whether they are socially sensitive corporate entity? How well reputed founders and executives are?

Q8. What training and development opportunities are available to employees?

A big ask for professional & career development. A good company believes in continuous professional development of their employees and arrange such opportunities time to time. This sets the culture of innovation, creativity and build informed workforce.

Q9. How secure do current employees feel in their jobs?

Job security is a very critical factor specially in hyper economies or in private sector. Ask ex employees or current employees; whether organization follow legal due process? How they respond in tough times? How they delegate work?

Q10. How are performance evaluations carried out?

Do they follow fair and transparent practices for performance evaluation? Is their any appraisal system in place? Who will and how will going to evaluate your performance? Are their any 3rd party independent evaluation for appraisal? Are their any policy backed performance management process is in place?

Q11. What are the working hours & employer setup logistics?

Sometime a good job with remote working place or daily long travelling can become hectic a routine for you. Sometime late sitting culture can prove fatal for your health & social life. Take those factors under consideration.

Q12. Are there any discrimination issues or cases of unfair management practices?

Check the past practices & how well they blend different cultures, gender balance & different sects of the society. Do they follow labor laws? Do they support gender equality and inclusivity in working environment?

Q13. What happens when employees make mistakes?

How well they accept do it culture? Are there any sensitive nature work? Because people weigh doing more will tends to accept smaller mistakes more. As they know only doer can make mistakes. Check do they accept mistakes open heartedly? Are their any warning system for every wrong doing? Always discourage organizations with abusive & toxic environment. Because such organization going to be nightmare for you in the future.

Q14. How much autonomy is given to employees in terms of decision-making ability?

This very question establish culture of power delegation. Do manager shares work & do they involve their teams into decision making process with proper credits? These things might not be relevant for lower level jobs, but seems more relevant and important for middle & top management jobs.

Q15. What will you get to learn from your work at the organization?

One of the most important & key consideration when you think about joining this particular organization or not. If this organization going to offer you new skill set, new tools for development, new opportunities for growth. Then take these evaluations into your positives for retaining job.

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