How to Write & Present Perfect Elevator Pitch or Brief Profile on CV

Effective resume writing requires the proper presentation of every section in resume. Many people think that resume writing is a simple job and does not require many efforts, even sometime they write their own CV from someone else. But this isn’t true. Writing resumes is a tricky job and one should take proper care while presenting his/her details on resume.

Before going into section detail, first have a thorough read of Dos & Dont’s of CV Writing & Job Application. Now, we are focusing on the introductory paragraph of a CV, which is your brief profile or some will say elevator pitch. Place this paragraph at the start of your resume.

Following are the tips & steps for professional profile writing, that will help you to make impactful first impression on your interviewer.

Draft 30 Seconds Introduction:

Write your thirty second introduction or elevator pitch. Think of it as your personal advertisement. Within half a minute you are to describe what you can do for an employer and why they should hire you. 30 second resumes are powerful tools for networking, personal branding.

Your brief profile should include following content areas:

1. Your name

2. Your professional qualification

3. Your professional experience, if you have any

4. What can you offer to potential employer

5. Your career aim & objectives

6. Looking forward statement

Here you will find different template examples, including template for experienced professionals and for fresh job seekers:

Template Example for Experienced Professional

My name is Zubair Ashraf. I can help your company to save up to 15% in annual inventory costs using my cost budgeting skills due to my prior shop floor costing work experience at ZXC Textiles and my strong forecasting abilities. I passed the ACA exams in the first attempt and got publication of my blog for aspiring Accounting and Finance professionals.

With an ACA and SAP certifications I am looking to serve your organization in a Junior Finance Manager capacity.

Recommended template if you have any prior experience

Template Example for Fresh Applicant

I am Bilal Ashraf, having Certificate in Accounting and Finance from Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan. I have completed my professional training of more than 3.5 Years from XYZ and Co. Worth to mention, my role as Quality Control Audit Supervisor during Quality Control Review.

I am applying for sustainable career path in your organization, as I can add value to your organization by integrating my diversified knowledge and experience.

Recommended template for 1st time job seekers or fresh graduate

Proof Read, Rehearse & Video Shoot

Now that you have written your brief profile, proof read it from someone experienced or your linguistic teacher. Rehearse those lines in front of mirror or friends, to build confident impactful tone. Suit up, choose a silent clean spot and video shoot your elevator pitch, as modern recruiters can ask for short video resume along with hard copy full length CV.

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