Super Human Ten Success Rules from Ultimate Squash Legend Jehangir Khan

He was a phenomena in world with unbreakable record of 555 consecutive wins in any kind of sport from 1981 to 1986. A professional squash legend from Pakistan, with 6 World Open Championships and 10 British Opens, also served as President for World Squash Federation.

He is Jehangir Khan (JK), with his ultimate super human success rules:

Be Consistent

If you want to be successful in any field of life, be consistent in whatever you do. Even during his prime and unbeatable run, he used to exercise for same amount and he always worked to maintain his successful run. This deliberation to do better every time gave him cutting edge on his competitors.

Be Humble

Always be humble and grounded on whatever you planned to achieve and whatever you achieved. Because your work & achievements will shout. Don’t be arrogant for whatever you have, because it can be detrimental for your journey. As this will build realization of attainment, and create hinderance for future goals.

Work Hard as You Can

Before going into professional squash, he used to practice for 8 hours, starting 4 am, didn’t observe any cold British weather conditions. All this built a paramount stamina that was unbreakable and never shattered by anyone.

Find Opportunities from Disasters

His brother Torsam Khan got cardiac arrest in squash court, which broke his heart. Later, he made this as kick starter for his pro career. This disaster became his opportunity to fill his brother dreams.

Respect Superiors

He was from sports family, he always take advice from his superiors in field. Choose right mentors, ask them, follow them and inspire them with your result. Inspite of having established family, he claimed his spot with even more achievements.

Appreciate Rivals

Always give space and appreciation to your inferiors specially when they are in your rivals. Sometime rivals you inspired once, become your toughest competitors. Be open, because you will always be their legend.

Be the Torch Bearer

If you are aiming high, then have a courage to come out of your and your society’s box. If you don’t have any high achievers around but you are aiming high above normal or accepted limits, then lead the way through your determination and perseverance. Be the leader not the follower.

Support Good Cause

Whenever your society, your country, your family needs you, support them unconditionally. He used to participate in every fundraising campaign of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, inspite of his professional commitments.

Live for Purpose

He felt shattered after his brother’s death during match in Melbourne. He committed to never play that game again, but then with support of his family. He came back strongly to accomplish unfulfilled dreams of his elder brother. Coincidentally, exactly on the day of his brother’s 2nd death anniversary, he won his 1st World Squash Open Championship.

Break The Barrier

In his childhood he got 2 Hernia operations, with Doctors recommended his father to keep him away from all kinds of sporting activities. He accepted his Limitations and worked more to build unparallel strengths to the limit that he got permission to play. After his declaration as the most youngest world champion, world saw the most successful sportsman of all time.

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