How to Make Quicker & Effective Decisions

Fear of better choices

We are living in the world of overwhelming choices. Even simplest decisions like from which restaurant to eat from, which shirt to wear, are now fraught with over information, over thinking and over analysis. Technology made things more complex, like if you have to purchase just white shoes, you will get thousand of options, reviews, comparisons and price variations. Which is a big ask and way too much spending in terms of time and energy.

Chances are you have experienced FOBO (Fear of better options), when you struggle to choose just one from a group of perfectly acceptable outcomes.

Solution to the problem:

There is a simple solution to this dogma, that is to define stakes and make priorities of such stakes. When it comes down to stakes hierarchy, you just have to face 3 types of options: high stakes, low stakes & no stakes.

No stakes decisions

These are the minor details of life, with non-existent consequences like which show to watch on tv, which biscuit to have with evening tea etc. On such kind of decisions you just have to let such decisions go. In few hours, you won’t even remember making the decision. The key here is to outsource them to universe, like just toss up a coin or decide based on personal favorite list etc.

Low stake decisions

These are consequences based, but are not a dead end, like which tv to purchase, which travel agency to choose for recreational tour etc. Some thinking is required, but these are not make or break decisions, you will probably forget about them in few days or a week.

Here you can also outsource such decision to someone, with deliberate inside and thought, take their advice and kick the can down the road. Do make a point here that, don’t take more advices as purpose is to clear the plate not creating same mess.

High stake decisions

Now you have created more space and time to tackle high stake decisions, like which house to buy, which job to take, where to marry etc. As these have long term implications and impact on life, therefore, you absolutely want to get this right.

Before going into matter, first to establish 3 basic rules, that is:

1. Define what really matters to you, and set criteria accordingly,

2. Gather relevant facts, make sure you collect data about all possible options, so you are confident that you are making informed decision,

3. Remember FOBO mind set, whenever to choose from group of perfectly acceptable options. So no matter whatever you choose, think that downside is limited.

Now you have set ground rules, go to make pair of options and cross option from pair permanently. Repeat pick cross from next options, that’s how you will reach bottom points and their is good chance that you will make decision on your own. Rarely, If you feel stuck then outsource this decision to qualified group of odd number of peoples, so that you will have a built in tie breaker.

Lastly, execute what you have worked. Because having options, in fact a gift. Make the most out of it.

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