Ten Success Rules for Business from World Richest Person Jeff Bezos

He is the most richest and wealthiest man alive with net worth of 186.7 billion USD. He is one of the e-commerce pioneer, giant, CEO/ President of Amazon, owner of Washington Post and Blue Origin. Founded Amazon in 1994 as book selling store in his garage in Seattle USA; now one of the biggest incorporation of the world.

Here is Bezos top success rules to start and run a successful e-commerce business:

Be a Visionary

Have an eye to see future. If you are a believer of highly innovative, efficient and fast pace world. Then try to be the part of such innovations. Have a vision to see things that other normal cannot see. Only a future centric enterprise can find sustainability, compatibility and growth.

Start Small

Start small with bigger vision. Amazon was started with 5 peoples and Bezos used to mail box his order by himself. Vision and plan big but don’t get stuck for fine lines. The main and the most important step is to start even with far less facilities and tough market competition.

“Every achievement is not an accidental happening rather these are consequence of series of hardships.”

Follow Your Intuition

Have firm believe on your guts. Don’t compress what your heart is saying, don’t ignore your first thought and don’t limit your imagination. Because all big things at some point were started as vague idea, as inappropriate thing and with doubts. Therefore, don’t ignore, rather follow your taste, heart, instinct, sixth sense and intuition.

Design Effective Structure

Focus on effectiveness of decisions and things rather than on formalities of things. This is how you foster environment of timely and result oriented decisions. Effectiveness and efficiency not measured by hierarchies or designations, rather by results and achievements.

Therefore, try to organize things and team around most organic fashion possible. Like creative teams need creative environments, therefore, don’t compress them under corporate boring aristocratic environment.

Be Resourceful

Believe on your core that if there is problem then there is solution. Give people sense and confidence of being handful. Being leader transfer your own resourcefulness to team resourcefulness, that will give you and your team independence and confidence. This is how they can fix anything they can solve anything on their own.

Act on Your Ideas

First conceive big and then act diligently on your ideas. Don’t get oppressed, don’t feel pressured and stay on your path straight headed. This hard doing will reap you fruit that you can’t even imagine of. Act selflessly and thoroughly towards your imagined goals.

Love What You Do

Find your passion and connect your job with it. This is how you will get your most desire activity. This feel of love with what you are doing will take you beyond limits in that work or field. This love will keep you ahead of your competitors. A good team is a combination of such lovers; who feel pleasure doing things they truly admire and want.

Focus on Customers

Amazon’s secret sauce for success is super obsessive compulsive focus on customers as opposed to competitors. Most companies or startup often stuck themselves with what their competitors are doing, how they are doing and how it will effect them etc, rather than exploring customer demands and trends.

This focus can give any startup leading edge on their competitors. Because customer trends, needs, requirements change time to time. Anyone who foresee their needs before their competitor can create market leading solutions.

Learn to Manage Critics

Whenever you face criticism try to sort them in two categories. First one is well mean critics; who mean well and want you to improve for better. If they are good then change yourself; Like repeat customer reviews. Second type of critics are self interested critics who mostly are disturbed by your approach of doing things; for examples old minded competitor won’t like your new and fresh approach on doing and selling things.

Be Open to Be Misunderstood

If you are aiming something big, something new and something innovative. Have a courage and open mind to be misunderstood. You will be misunderstood through your way many time even by your sincerest followers; don’t stuck your head into their doubts. Always have a clear vision and go for making your dreams reality. Only this way you can create more understanding and harmony.

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