12 Benefits of Having Own Online E Commerce Website

E-commerce is the new shopping habit now. It opened millions of easy and flexible opportunities to thrive. Now virtually everyone with some skill set, with some products in hand or with little investment can start his/ her own business from home. Any business which is not connected with e-commerce platform will going to suffer.

There is two options to sell online; one is to put your products or services on third party platform like Amazon, Upwork etc and second is to sell on your own website/ ecommerce store. Today we are focusing on key benefits of having own online store to sell your products, services or both. These points will clarify why you should sell online, even with current job.

No Dependency on Others

The first and the key benefit is that you are not depended on anyone and you don’t run by anyone’s set of rule. Mostly the biggest risk of third party platforms is that they have privilege right to subordinate anyone anytime. They have disclaimer clause of the that they can anytime de-rank you due to ABC policy matter etc and they don’t get caught on those policies.

By having own website and online store to sell; you will be free to play with any line of products and services. You will not be bound by anyone’s set of rules. Having own website store will set you free.

Biggest Branding, Marketing & Sale Tool

No business can thrive and grow without proper marketing and branding. The good news is that your own website is the biggest source of self promotion and branding thereof. E commerce business website have multiple benefits and can be used as; information center for business, brands and products selling pages, story and policies disseminating board and many others.

Highly Customizable & More Flexible

With increasing change in consumer trends and behavior, it becomes necessary for brands to evolve continuously. There is a thick possibility that big brands and store with stagnant layout, policies and products will going to suffer; if they don’t adapt their business model to changing highly competitive consumer driven market.

E-commerce store front gives you more exposure and more refined data to make personalized experience for users and make customizations whenever needed. If you are a skill or hobbyist writer then you can use your web store for both for selling of physical products and selling of your writing skill. Anyone having services to offer and products to sell can mix those on one store. At the flexibility end, we see highly successful international brands with zero stocks; like Uber is the biggest taxi service without owning single vehicle. Similarly, you can route others through your own platform too. The more lucrative part is that you can run your store from anywhere.

More Experiment Space

You can experiment with product layout, presentation and disclosure information. Similarly you can make points check on your website to assess from where traffic is coming and where is going. Consumer and shoppers are now prefer brand experience rather than just a brand interaction. Those experience points can be AI based virtual trying room or can be a fun game to win any discount. Such things will increase engagement and high likelihood of order conversion.

Realtime Data Capturing & Analysis

No point of sale system and place of business can give you that much detailed information as does your website can. With the support of right analytical tools you can capture and analyze every movement of your traffic. You can track and trace every possible when, where, what and how of your potential customers. Now modern and successful businesses are true believer of big data big opportunities.

Build Trust & Brand Value

Same like selling in established market, having own web front build trust in shoppers and can lead to build brand value. This perceived trust build confidence which then leads to more sale. Your website layout, your way of marketing and presentation then build high brand association.

Fully Integrated Platform

Fully integrated Own store offers you convenience, standardization and ease of communication. Website serves as central point for each social media campaign. Make sure full social media, carrier and payment gateway integration to get the best perks provided by e-commerce online business. Not only this will establish transparency and less human manual involvement but also it will make sure quick processing of information.

More Earning Spots, Low Setup & Maintenance Cost

As to physical outlet, own online front has very low setup and maintenance cost. With basic knowledge of things your cost of maintenance can be zero in some cases. It will also can create more earning space from website. Like your site can earn from affiliate programs, google adsense and direct rental space to other brands. This strategy is questionable for many but still can create potential extra inflows for any brand 24/7.

Build Exclusive Customer Ship

Alone google receive one billion plus searches daily. People are searching, eagerly looking for solutions and once they landed on right place, they love to visit again on those places. These kind of people are the real asset for any type of ecommerce setup. You can track their interests and offer them highly personalized experience and promotions. Which then can lead to more loyal customer ship.

Run by Own Set of Rules

If you are founder of your own store, then you can run such store with your own set of rules. You can sell anything and can design any promotion for your set of services and line of products. Further, you can sell 24/7 with automatic customer services. Similarly you can start small and later can scale up with increasing demand.

Tool for Free High Traffic & More Conversion

Probably the biggest benefit of having website for your business is free traffic. The traffic of relevant people actively looking for something. You don’t have to pay anything for such traffic. Normal conversion rate for paid digital media promotions are round about 2%. But organic traffic have high chances of conversion, as searches were based on need. Therefore, store run and supported by proper content strategy have high free and non-paid organic traffic.

More Informed Decision Making

All information and saved behavioral patterns from all kinds of traffic, then leads to more informed calculated and to the point decisions. Such deliberate decisions mitigate risks and give high returns.

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3 thoughts on “12 Benefits of Having Own Online E Commerce Website

  • January 27, 2021 at 8:33 pm

    How can I connect analytics with my website? Please give some more insights on this

  • January 28, 2021 at 3:17 pm

    I am a freelancer and affiliate of daraz. But really prefer to have my own store as because of liberty and experiment place

  • January 30, 2021 at 3:35 pm

    Big advocate of own store. Against daraz due to my personal experience with management, staff and their no quality policy. daraz must have to have vendor quality verification process same like ebay, amazon and alibaba.


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